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The Writer’s Desk: Writing Epiphanies

Novelist Charles Baxter’s book Burning Down the House: Essays on Fiction is a must-read for anyone interested in the art of fiction writing. One of the most evocative essays in the book is called “Against Epiphanies.” Though Baxter is critiquing … Continue reading

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Writing Is a Lonely Business: The Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference

by Rebecca Rice Birkin Moderator’s Note: Dawning of a Brighter Day welcomes guest blog posts such as this on topics related to Mormon literature and literary criticism. For more information, email Jonathan Langford, AML blog coordinator, at jonathan AT motleyvision … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: Sadism and the Writer

I’ve come to realize that I’m a sadist, but in the best way, if that’s possible. Some time ago, I received two e-mails from readers about a day apart. They were of the variety that make you think, “Yes, I … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: Time to Step Back, Reevaluate, and Reorganize—Again

Stop the treadmill! I want to get off. Or even just slap it down a notch. But my publisher is wondering where my next manuscript is, my children need help with scouts and a science project (my daughter could use a … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: Time Is On Our Side

In 1964 The Rolling Stones had a hit with the song “Time is on my Side.” You know the tune. In the lyrics, the speaker talks about a girl who’s playing the field. He says, “You’re searching for good times, … Continue reading

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On-Stage: How it Happens: An Introduction

I claim to be a writer. As proof, I offer these facts: I have completed several short stories in the science fiction and fantasy genre (two of which have been published); two LDS mainstream novels (neither of which have been … Continue reading

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