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Back in Business

Sorry for the problem with the AML blog. The links should all work fine now. Please go back to your discussions, especially on Lisa’s post and on Harlow’s post. And thanks for your patience.

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Loving What You Do

Several years ago, I went a long period of no writing. I had a book I was working on–something I was sure my publisher would love, something I knew I’d get good reviews on, but I couldn’t make myself work … Continue reading

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Storytelling & Community: Mormon Literary Bazaar

This post is partly about Dawning of a Brighter Day, this very blog sponsored by the Association for Mormon Letters, including recent initiatives we’ve started and hopes for where this might go. It’s also about my thoughts regarding the Mormon … Continue reading

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Announcement: AML Blog Facelift

AML blog will be getting a new look and feel, thanks to efforts by Jacob Proffitt and Johnna Cornett — including a switch to WordPress as our new platform. It’s our hope that this will make the blog function more … Continue reading

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Announcement: AML Blog Slots

Hi all! I’ve been asked by the AML board to take over coordination of the AML blog. I’m posting to ask for suggestion and throw out some ideas for how we — that’s us here at AML, but also hopefully … Continue reading

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Community Voices: Please Pardon This Interruption

I apologize for this breach in protocol. Each of us has a scheduled day to post and mine has already passed for the month, but I wanted to jump in quick before the next scheduled entry and ask a question.

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Approaching a New Semester and a New Blog–Conversations

I have been teaching English at BYU for twenty-five years, focusing on creative writing for more than half of that time. As I contemplate winter semester 2010 and the new AML blog, I have been thinking about conversations. A blog … Continue reading

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Announcement: The Dawning of a Brighter Day

In 1982, Eugene England surveyed the history and current landscape of Mormon literary production in a seminal article published in BYU Studies entitled “The Dawning of a Brighter Day: Mormon Literature after 150 Years.” There England celebrated the flowering of … Continue reading

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