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in verse # 32 : warning – vasty generalization looming

Looming on my intellectual horizon, and thus on yours, unless, on reading this prophecy, you bail on me, is a vasty generalization — to which I am being enticed by John Pollack through the medium of his book The pun … Continue reading

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Mile 21 by Sarah Dunster

. . I don’t know if Sarah would have sent me an ARC of her upcoming novel if she hadn’t already been reading Byuck, but I like to think so. In her email, she said, “I think we share some … Continue reading

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AML Book Club: August with Anderson Discussion

Nephi Anderson’s Added Upon lost its first round August Insanity match-up against Louisa Perkins’ Dispirited, but we’re not going to let that get in the way of a spirited discussion about two of his later work, Piney Ridge Cottage and The Story of Chester Lawrence. As I mentioned in … Continue reading

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In Tents 32 Scripture Study Tools part IV: Figurative Interpretations

Greetings from Missoula, Montana. We traveled here today from my wife’s hometown not far from the Stanley, Idaho wildfire, and Monday morning we will be going over Lolo Pass, more wildfire country. In all the little towns on the way … Continue reading

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August Insanity Updates

We’ve been running a [b]racket over on the Mormon Lit Blitz page in which sixteen works face off against each other in an event we’re calling August Insanity. With just five matches to go, here’s how things look: In the … Continue reading

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Cedar Fort cancels publication of a novel over homosexuality in author bio

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media, an independent publisher located in Springville, UT, has decided to cancel publication of a YA fantasy novel rather than include a line in co-author Michael Jensen’s bio that would have read, “He lives in Salt … Continue reading

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Future Mormons in Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey

A couple of weeks ago, I read and/or listened to Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey. (WhisperSync for Voice, which allows almost seamless transition between reading the Kindle ebook and listening to the audiobook, is awesome.)  It’s a … Continue reading

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Ms. Molly Goes to Hollywood: Mormon Women Authors and Filmmakers Represent With “Austenland”

Despite the battering that the film Austenland took with critics (33% at Rotten Tomatoes), my wife Anne and I were determined to go out last week and support the film. Unfortunately, it was a limited release so it wasn’t playing … Continue reading

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This Week in Mormon Literature, August 17, 2013

This is an abbreviated Week in Review, mainly collecting Austenland movie reviews, and passing on a few news pieces, like more OSC controversy, some SF and comic news, and a preview of Plan-B Theatre’s “Year of Eric Samuelsen”. I am … Continue reading

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The Business Side of Writing: The Return Reserve and What it Means to “Sell” Books

Last month we looked at all the costs that a publisher must take on in order to get a book into print. This month I want to discuss the publisher’s income stream, which comes almost exclusively from selling books, and … Continue reading

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