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This Week in Mormon Literature, April 29, 2013

Sorry to post right after Jonathan, but I have been dragging this around unfinished for over a week, it is time to get this giant hunk of info dumped so I can go to bed. The Whitney Awards ballots are … Continue reading

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A Community of (Mormon) Readers

The best conversations are the ones where you get a chance both to share your own views and to rethink them in response to what other people say. That’s the kind of experience I had with my recent AML blog … Continue reading

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in verse # 28 : the pun is meatier than the surd

Sitting at home alone in bed when I was 13, and unable to go out because I was undergoing the aftermath of rheumatic fever, I entertained myself with old copies of Reader’s Digest.  One of the things I digested thoroughly … Continue reading

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Nephi Anderson at the Annual SASS Conference

Next week, the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies will be holding its annual conference in San Francisco. For this year’s conference, a few of us have put together a panel on Nephi Anderson that focuses on his Scandinavian … Continue reading

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In Tents #28 Ethics and Aesthetics Part 6, Final Thoughts

Much of Shostakovich’s music was banned for the sin of formalism–whatever that means–so it wasn’t heard until after Stalin’s death in 1953. –Peggy Woodruff, introducing Shostakovich’s “Festive Overture” on KBYU FM March 14, 2013 The idea that ethics and aesthetics … Continue reading

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The Memory of Mars

Does this story sound familiar? A man on Earth discovers that his memories have been altered, his wife isn’t who she appeared to be, and he’s embroiled in a vast conspiracy involving Mars and aliens. It’s the 1990 movie Total … Continue reading

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Literary Darwinism: Melissa Leilani Larson and Adapting Characters Into a Dramatic Medium

Melissa Leilani Larson is a literature fiend. Before she was roped into the world of theatre by taking playwriting courses from Elizabeth Hansen and Eric Samuelsen,[1] she was firmly entrenched in BYU’s English department. Before the playwriting bug bit her, … Continue reading

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I Can’t Do That…

It becomes very easy to see your own gaps of talent, to identify the admirable in others and despair at its relative lack in your own work. We seek to be Miltons and Shakespeares, and in so doing sometimes fail to recognize how successfully we cover much of the same ground by somewhat different means. Continue reading

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2005 Mormon Literature Year in Review

[I am continuing to republish the Mormon Literature Year In Review columns which I first posted on the AML-list discussion list. Here are my 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 reviews.] Prose fiction In 2005 a trio of young Mormon … Continue reading

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My experience with self-publication (so far)

We’ve talked a fair amount on this blog about the publishing aspects of Mormon Lit. Wednesday, Darrel Nelson wrote about his experience as an LDS author with a Christian-market publisher. For three years, Chris Bigelow arranged a regular Publishers’ Corner … Continue reading

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