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Toward a Mormon Speculative Fiction e-Collective, Part III: Interview with the Instigator

In the third of three guest posts, project instigator Mark Penny sits down for a long, hard talk with himself. First question: Who do you think you are? Why should we trust you to build and operate a Mormon speculative … Continue reading

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LTUE 31 Coming!

Life, the Universe, & Everything 31: The Marion K. “Doc” Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy, is coming February 14-16 at the Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. YA fantasy author Megan Whalen Turner is the guest of honor; … Continue reading

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In Tents #25 Ethics and Aesthetics of Jesus and Pilate, Part III

Consider three statements on Mormon aesthetics. The first is a quote. The other two are composites. I’ve heard many versions of all three among AML people or at AML events. And the concerns they express are hardly unique to Mormons. … Continue reading

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This Month in Mormon Literature, January 2013

It has been nearly a month since I did a Week in Review, as I was busy with the Year in Review columns. Lots happened. Brandon Sanderson and the late Robert Jordan’s A Memory of Light, the concluding volume of … Continue reading

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in verse # 25 : intended to be read in chambers

If we call blank verse the meter of performance, as it most certainly was on the Elizabethan and Jacobean stage, we may understand a little better the label “metaphysical poetry” that hangs like an albatross about John Donne’s neck, for … Continue reading

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Read This Book: A Review of Theric Jepson’s Byuck

How do you review a book that can’t hold still? This has been my dilemma this morning. I’ve already tried four or five times to write this review, and each time I’ve written about two hundred words before the inkwells … Continue reading

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One Writer’s View: Confessions of a Reluctant Novelist

I was once considered a promising writer. I had written more than 150 short stories. Then it happened. The horrible realization that sapped my strength and crushed my heart and left me dazed and disoriented and despondent. I was a fake. A fraud. A pretender. I was not the spinner of brief tales I had always seen myself as.

I was not a short story writer at all. It seemed I was a natural novelist—an entirely different animal. Continue reading

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The Horrifying Lack of Horror in the LDS Community

Guest post by Michaelbrent Collings. I am a guy who writes scary stuff. It’s basically all I do. I’m one of the bestselling horror writers on Amazon, a supernatural horror movie I wrote came out last year, and in 2013 … Continue reading

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Throne of the Crescent Moon and the use of God in epic fantasy

The stereotypical epic fantasy is set in a pseudo-European, pseudo-medieval world.  One of the major differences between such a fantasy world and the real medieval Europe is fairly obvious: there’s magic that actually works. But there’s another difference that’s not … Continue reading

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The Retreat of Cynicism

Perhaps it’s a fluke. Perhaps it’s a perfect storm. But I was very interested to see so many of the most popular films this year (and many of them Oscar contenders!)  to be so earnest, so lacking in snark, so… … Continue reading

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