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In Memoriam: Gordon Ryan

We note with sadness the passing of Gordon Ryan, a beloved LDS author. He was 69. Three months ago he was  diagnosed as suffering from a blood disease called Cardiac Amyloidosis. In a recent blog post he discussed his diagnosis, and said it … Continue reading

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Transition Time for the “Publishers Corner” Column

As of January 2013, I will have coordinated the AML blog’s monthly “Publishers Corner” column for three years. It seems like a good time to take stock and also to announce my honorable release as column coordinator.

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The Monstrous Metaphors of Laura Brown and Abraham

Watching The Hours is inevitably an enthralling and destabilizing experience for me. If you haven’t seen this movie (or read the luminous book it was based on), you should do so now because I’m about to spoil the story. Laura … Continue reading

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This Week in Mormon Literature, Nov. 12, 2012

Steven Peck takes the top two places in the Four Centuries of Mormon Stories contest. Orson Scott Card and Ally Condie release new novels. Condie gets two starred reviews for the last book in her Matched trilogy. Another singularity averted! … Continue reading

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Violence and Veterans Day

With Veteran’s Day less than a week away I have been thinking about books about war. War and violence have been a part of human life from the moment that Cain slew Abel, and depictions of war are as old … Continue reading

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Mormon Culture and Les Miserables

Everywhere I go, people are talking about this. Yep, that’s right. Les Miserables! The Movie! This Christmas! Oh!  My!  Heck! But here’s a confession: I don’t care. Not even a bit.

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Theme for Upcoming AML Conference

THEME FOR THE 2013 AML CONFERENCE (dates TBA):  “How We Depict the Savior in Art, Film, and Literature: Does it Matter?” My review of The Color of Christ follows to ignite some ideas and discussion.  Consider Levi Petersen’s controversial “Cowboy … Continue reading

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Tips for Bringing your Setting to Life

 David Farland often teaches writing workshops, and has trained a number of people who went on to become international bestselling authors—people like Brandon Sanderson in fantasy, Brandon Mull in middle-grade fiction, and Stephenie Meyer in young adult fiction.  He’s also … Continue reading

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