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Publishers Corner: Part of a Painfully Dying Breed?

Guest post by Kathryn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Covenant Communications In the six years I’ve been managing editor at Covenant, there have been seismic changes in the publishing industry. According to a survey from Pew, in just the six months ending … Continue reading

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Speaking Out vs. Being Heard

This tension between the rhetorical (one-shot testifying) and the dialectic (extended argument intended to discover new conclusions) is at least as old as the ancient Greeks and has been a staple of academic consideration from the beginning.

The problem is that market forces are not conducive to extended conversations. If your last book sells you get a shot at the next one; otherwise, you’re out of luck and looking for a new publisher. The mechanics of markets tend to push more toward the rhetorical extreme—you have to make the biggest splash you can and deliver the entire conceptual payload in a single go. Continue reading

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Some past AML events available for download as mp3 files

A list of events for which AML has downloadable mp3 files can be found here on the AML website. The links will take you to pages that list the topics or speakers on each file. AML hopes to make other … Continue reading

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Electronic Age: The interwhatsis, and the future of literature

Let’s face it: the internet has us all freaked out.  It’s 1439 all over again–maybe more like 1450–and this Gutenberg dude has just revolutionized the way information is disseminated and all we know for sure is that those monks who … Continue reading

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The AML Review Archive

It may not be the best-kept secret in Mormon Literature, but sometimes we wonder.  The AML Review Archive contains over 1000 reviews of books, short stories, films, plays, and play productions, and even a few of music CDs, all pertaining … Continue reading

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Electronic Age: Should Irreantum Be An Online Journal?

About a month ago, a younger coworker of mine attended a publishing fair at BYU. At the fair, she spoke with a representive from AML, who was apparently quite enthusiastically giving away back issues of Irreantum. My coworker returned to … Continue reading

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Electronic Age: When we lay art down, what will we pick up?

I’ve got a friend who plays in a band for a living, and because he and his mates travel with lots of expensive gear, he keeps as close an eye as he can on what’s happening on the tarmac as … Continue reading

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Electronic Age: Twitter + History = My Writer Muscles Are Sore

I’m a novelist. Fiction is what I have loved to write since about second grade. My first publications were with magazine and newspaper articles, and I still freelance on the side. I’ve added blogging to my list of types of … Continue reading

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Electronic Age: Multimodal Mormon Creativity

Literacy is changing. At BYU, we’re retooling first year writing courses and implementing “multimodal literacy.” It boils down to learning how to communicate using media in combination with words, mostly. Literacy is starting to be about design, about the combination … Continue reading

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Electronic Age: How will ebooks change Mormon literary habits?

Our concepts of literature and writing are directly connected to the formats that have become natural to us. It used to be that books (with few or no pictures) were a baseline kind of literacy. That is less the case … Continue reading

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