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Blurring the Lines: New Horizons in Multimedia Theatre

In my MFA program at Arizona State University, there’s been an increasing trend towards digitizing theatre. Production after production that I’ve seen there, they have some sort of technology or film related component. And it’s not just Arizona. All across … Continue reading

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Looking back, looking around, looking forward

The BYU Writers/Dramaturgs/Actors workshop, or WDA, provides an intensive workshop experience for new plays and for new writers. I’ve taught it for years–this year, my friends and colleagues Melissa Larsen and George Nelson are running it. Typically, six plays are … Continue reading

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I recently finished reading The Pale King, the novel David Foster Wallace was working on when he died, by his own hand, in September 2008.  I love David Foster Wallace.  I love everything he wrote.  I certainly never met him … Continue reading

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The Beauty of (Church) Pageants

by Scott Hales Last summer my family took a trip to Palmyra to attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I had not been to the pageant since 1987–when I was still too young to get much out of it.[1] In fact, … Continue reading

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I Keep Telling Myself, “William Shakespeare was a Businessman.”

I’ve had a huge desire since high school to open a theater. At times, I feel like its my mission, my life’s focused ambition– or at least a neurotic obsession. Take your pick. And I don’t want to open just … Continue reading

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Endowment: Theatre as Devotion

Sometimes I’ll just sit in an empty theater just to partake of its quiet peace. It’s a sacrament for me. Besides when I’m in holy places like temples, or during tranquil moments in nature, I find that it’s difficult for … Continue reading

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“There Are Children Coming Down”: Why _Saturday’s Warrior_ is Important to Mormon Culture

I was re-writing an introductory bio for Eric Samuelsen this week for the Mormon Drama anthology Saints on Stage that I’m spear heading for Zarahemla Books. While reviewing some of my old research, I rediscovered an essay Samuelsen wrote called … Continue reading

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On Layered Time, plus Thoughts on a Certain Musical

On April 6th I was interested in General Conference to hear stories about the beginnings of the Church welfare program. I knew the program was important, but I didn’t realize how important until Bishop Burton shared the Heber J. Grant … Continue reading

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_The Book of Mormon: The Musical_ and Mormon Minstrelsy

Last month, The Book of Mormon: The Musical premiered at the Eugene O’Neil Theater in New York, written by Trey Stone and Matt Parker (the creators of the popular and irreverent TV series South Park), along with their co-collaborator Robert … Continue reading

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Butterflies and ponies

Since January, I’ve been spending my nights with my daughter Lexie and some actors in the Covey Center for the Arts, in Provo.  I’m directing my play The Plan, and we open next week.  (We run March 18-April 2, Thursdays … Continue reading

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