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In Tents #34 How Long Can Still Waters Keep Running Deep?

Explain this saying: “Still waters run deep.” The saying means that we shouldn’t put down people who are quiet. Their stillness doesn’t mean they lack depth. It compares such people to a river. When a river is shallow it runs … Continue reading

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In Tents 32 Scripture Study Tools part IV: Figurative Interpretations

Greetings from Missoula, Montana. We traveled here today from my wife’s hometown not far from the Stanley, Idaho wildfire, and Monday morning we will be going over Lolo Pass, more wildfire country. In all the little towns on the way … Continue reading

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in verse # 23 : mighty line versus ordered speech

It was Kit Marlowe who awakened in Will Shakespeare a hunger for a dramatic speech more nearly reflecting ordinary English speech.  It was Will Shakespeare who made it possible for Kris Kristofferson to write and sing the following lyrics as … Continue reading

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Children’s Lit Corner

Three years ago this coming Friday, my best friend died suddenly after suffering a deep thromboembolism. That death, especially the unexpected nature of it, shook me to the core. Of course I had lost friends and loved ones before, but … Continue reading

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AML Presidential Address 2012

From my early childhood, I remember people with dark skin and black hair in my home.  I understood that they were working with my father on projects in different languages.  Most were Mayan Indians, from various places in Guatemala.  The … Continue reading

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Teaching Mormon Literature to Non-Mormon Students

As I type I am sitting in the Salt Lake Airport waiting for a flight that will take me first to Denver and then to Dayton, where my decade-old Honda is waiting to take me home. It’s Sunday, but there … Continue reading

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