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Nickel Basins and the Mormon Experience

One of my majors as an undergraduate (yes, it was one that I actually completed and got a diploma in) was Spanish Translation. I thought it would be a great way to find a practical use for the second language … Continue reading

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in verse # 14 : the alliterative revival

Literary wayfaring in England did not end with the Norman Conquest in 1066.  It forked, one fork following the lead of the French conquerors, the other the lead of the English conquered.  Both of these were excursions into vulgar territory

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The Language of Our Fathers (or You Should See What I Hear)

In an increasingly visual and auditory media environment it’s to our advantage to keep tabs on the written word as a precise and clear set of symbol for the underlying concepts. Continue reading

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5 Techniques to Improve your Literary Short Fiction

Let’s talk craft today. The nitty gritty details of craft. The stuff that leaves our hands dirty from the effort. I know we have an awful lot of writers who read this blog. Revise: I know we have an abundance … Continue reading

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I recently finished reading The Pale King, the novel David Foster Wallace was working on when he died, by his own hand, in September 2008.  I love David Foster Wallace.  I love everything he wrote.  I certainly never met him … Continue reading

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Halakha, Aggadah and Jesus

If I had time for another hobby, it would be following the Supreme Court the way a sports junkie follows sports. For most people, sports is about finding a team and cheering for it. For a true junkie, though, the … Continue reading

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Call for Papers (AML session of RMMLA)

CALL FOR PAPERS The Association for Mormon Letters session of The ROCKY MOUNTAIN MODERN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION (RMMLA) Conference Oct.  6-8, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona Theme for the session: The Contemporary LDS Novel Please email abstracts by March 1, 2011: … Continue reading

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Mormon LitCrit: Tolle Lege, This My Body

Tolle Lege, This My Body If a metaphor is successful it becomes transparent. It dies, so to speak, except no one speaks so. We know a mummy was once a living person, and when I see Joseph’s face at the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Language: A Song in Pure Language

Simply titled “Sang by the gift of Tongs and Translated,” the text was composed in February 1833 and is in the handwriting of Fredgrick G. Williams with revisions by Williams, Oliver Cowdery, W.W. Phelps, an unknown scribe, and Joseph Smith. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Language: Joseph Smith and Pure Language

By the end of November 1830, Joseph Smith had produced the verse in the Book of Moses that says Adam kept a book of remembrance “in the language of Adam” and that his children “were taught to read and write, … Continue reading

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