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35 Years of Ender’s Game

The August 1977 issue of Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact came out about 35 years ago. (The issues tend to come out well in advance of their cover dates — I already have the September 2012 issue — possibly because that … Continue reading

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The Cranky Curmudgeon: Imagination Isn’t Everything

Maybe it’s an artifact of my odd reading selections, but in comparing classic works with many of the more modern stories I’ve been reading lately, I’ve noticed a trend toward highly imaginative (fantastic) settings with fairly simplistic philosophical underpinnings. It’s as if authors are selling out to cool visuals at the expense of challenging questions; as if pace is a substitute for substance; as if conflict is inherently interesting and requires no consequence.

I think I disagree. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it. Continue reading

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Mentioning Mormons in science fiction

Before I turn to my subject, I just want to call attention to the Nebula Awards ceremony taking place this Saturday at 8:15pm EDT.  Two LDS authors, Brad R. Torgersen and Nancy Fulda, are nominees.  From what I understand, the … Continue reading

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Interview with Nebula & Hugo Award Nominee Nancy Fulda

In last month’s SF&F Corner post, I interviewed Nebula Award nominee Brad R. Torgersen, and I promised an interview with the other LDS nominee, Nancy Fulda, in this month’s post.  However, between that post and this one, the Hugo Award … Continue reading

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Interview with Nebula Award Nominee Brad R. Torgersen

Established in 1965, the Nebula Awards are kind of like the Oscars of science fiction and fantasy. Nominees for the awards are chosen and then voted on by members of the professional organization for speculative fiction authors, the Science Fiction … Continue reading

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LTUE Roundup

Last weekend, science fiction and fantasy writers and fans from Utah and beyond gathered for Life, the Universe & Everything (LTUE): The Marion K. “Doc” Smith Symposium on Science Fiction & Fantasy.  After being held at BYU for 29 years, … Continue reading

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Star Kvetch: The Next Generation; A Musing on Community over Time

Healthy communities are in a constant state of evolution, self-definition, and fundamental transition. This interaction of old and new ideas is critical to retaining meaning and relevance, at the same time that such evolution can be painful for those invested in their current incarnations. Continue reading

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Imaginary Mormons

The first time I read Ender’s Game I loved it, of course, but I hated one very specific thing: Ender’s mom was Mormon. It bothered me, as a child, that Mormons could exist in a universe where Mormonism, as I … Continue reading

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Writing the Future

I invented CDs when I was 12. To be fair, CD technology already existed before that, even if it wasn’t very common, and it’s not like I invented a working prototype or anything. What I did do was play a … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Why Editors Have Claws

Guest post by William Morris Editors are evil. They’re monsters: vampires who suck the life out of your manuscripts; werewolves who tear your stories to shreds; zombies with vacant stares who repeat the same vacant phrases (Show don’t tell!) while … Continue reading

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