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In Tents # 18 Pilate’s Trial before Jesus Part 4

In 1979, shortly before the end of my mission my father sent me a letter saying that the bishop of the BYU 29th ward, which he had been serving as high councilor, was being released and the high councilor called. … Continue reading

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Meeting the Gods

We’d been hiking for hours, the wind sandblasting our faces and whipping up dust devils as tall as the rock canyon walls. I wasn’t sure why we had come, or what we were there to see. And when we arrived, … Continue reading

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Wanted: One Internet-free Dark Night of the Soul

At a Sunstone Symposium a few years ago, I was talking with a person who ran a popular podcast. She mentioned that one of her hopes was that the podcast would help people to feel not so alone when they … Continue reading

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New Venue: Everyday Mormon Writer

If you have not yet voted in the Mormon Lit Blitz, you should. I tallied a hundred of the votes last night before deciding I had to sleep, and it’s a very tight race. The current lead of the top … Continue reading

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Personal Narratives: Judgment

I’ve heard many people describe the Final Judgment as a kind of film festival where they sit with God and watch the movie of their life. But, taking my cue from Revelation 20:12, it seems to me that much of … Continue reading

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In Search of the Profound

I live for the moment of epiphany, that rush of synthesis where a sequence of facts connect in a new way to reveal not only how those specific elements are connected, but also a new way to consider other elements and their meanings; frameworks for general understanding. I love the cascade of insights that come from learning to perceive in a way that recasts old knowledge in new detail. Continue reading

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