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Wanted: One Internet-free Dark Night of the Soul

At a Sunstone Symposium a few years ago, I was talking with a person who ran a popular podcast. She mentioned that one of her hopes was that the podcast would help people to feel not so alone when they … Continue reading

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New Venue: Everyday Mormon Writer

If you have not yet voted in the Mormon Lit Blitz, you should. I tallied a hundred of the votes last night before deciding I had to sleep, and it’s a very tight race. The current lead of the top … Continue reading

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Personal Narratives: Judgment

I’ve heard many people describe the Final Judgment as a kind of film festival where they sit with God and watch the movie of their life. But, taking my cue from Revelation 20:12, it seems to me that much of … Continue reading

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In Search of the Profound

I live for the moment of epiphany, that rush of synthesis where a sequence of facts connect in a new way to reveal not only how those specific elements are connected, but also a new way to consider other elements and their meanings; frameworks for general understanding. I love the cascade of insights that come from learning to perceive in a way that recasts old knowledge in new detail. Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Checking in with Signature Books

Guest post by Tom Kimball What a wonderful age we Mormons live in. Authors with LDS backgrounds like Elna Baker and Brady Udall are receiving national attention for their books, while Walter Kirn had Up in the Air turned into … Continue reading

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Mystery of NaNoWriMo Unveiled

This month celebrates the frenzied craze of writing known as NaNoWriMo. I’m a WriMo and some of you might be asking, What is a WriMo? Let me share. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it takes place each … Continue reading

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In Tents # 7 Renounce and Reverbs

Seventy years ago come Oct 21 Bessie Lloyd Soderborg married Marden J. Clark in the Salt Lake temple and went across the street to the Hotel Utah to spend their first night together, where Marden’s brothers kept prank calling him, … Continue reading

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The Relief Society and the Muting of Mormon Drama

It’s been commented that one of the challenges of Mormon culture is that we’re just too mellow, that we don’t have so many of the moments of personal drama that define so much of common experience and the popular literature, with the effect that we (generally) lack the social misery that drives so much of our better literature and drama. Continue reading

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Double-thinking Humanities 101

It’s interesting how many of the basic Humanities 101 concepts and questions are still being actively discussed by this august body of people who mostly have university degrees already. Continue reading

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What Does a “Good” Writer Write?

Back when she was Carol Lynch and I was Lisa Torcasso, before married names reversed our alphabetical order, making her a Williams and bumping her to the rear of the alphabet while I, as a new Downing,  leaped forward, we … Continue reading

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