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Napolean’s infant(ile) son

I have long been a huge fan of what Jared Hess accomplished with Napolean Dynamite. It’s a Mormon film, I think, without overtly advertising itself as such; I see its Mormon-ness in the small details: the Ricks College tee shirt … Continue reading

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Soundtrack to our lives

I’ve had a piece I’ve been working on for weeks and until recently made no progress on at all, because I couldn’t find the right music to listen to while writing it.  Weird quirk: I really can’t write at all … Continue reading

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YA Corner: Something to read during Spring Break

Ah, Spring Break.  I miss it.  I really do.  I no longer go to school, or teach, and therefore I get no scheduled week off.  Sad, I know, but reality for most of us.  Still, some of you (or more … Continue reading

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So You’re a Writer, Huh?

They say: The stereotypical writer hangs out at Starbucks during the week, speaking to no one but the barista while there. At night, he drinks heavily, alone and in his one room flat. As a general rule, he only bathes … Continue reading

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Literary Banter

Bruce and I started our courtship by reading Shakespeare to each other.  (Could there be anything quite that romantic?)  Of course, our literary companionship had its down side.  In the early years of our marriage, I once accused him of … Continue reading

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Funny Stuff: Benjamin Franklin and post-mortal sociality

As Mormons, we tend to clap our hands with delight when we discover new texts by old authors that seem compatible with our theology.  Such was my reaction when I found Benjamin Franklin’s charming piece of epistolary fiction, The Elysian … Continue reading

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