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An Introduction to the Study of Spittle and Spitting in Latter-day Saint Thought and Practice

To date, no one has adequately explored spittle and spitting in the Mormon experience. This blog post is intended as an introduction to this studiously neglected topic and an invitation to the further exploration of it.

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Divine Sparks

It all started when Steve broke up with Carol around the fall of 1977. That every guy in my high school class wanted to date her was one of those truths held to be self-evident. She was funny, athletic and … Continue reading

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The Wag v. The Knave

Years ago when I wrote a column for AML-List, Ben Parkinson and I had several discussions about humor narrative voice, style and tone. As Ben pointed out to me, traditional literary humor usually required a sustained, single narrative voice throughout … Continue reading

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Mormon Letters … Literally

In the recent archaeological dig that was my attempt to reconstruct life in the 70s I found a sealed tomb, a treasure trove that had yet to be excavated: old issues of The New Era. I ordered several copies of … Continue reading

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A Most Heinous Episode

I am constrained to share the gruesome details of a most heinous episode, a subject that has been, until now, shamefully covered up in the annals of Mormon history. Only a handful of students of Mormonism have had any previous … Continue reading

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