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Evangelizing Mormon Lit: How to Lure the Audience Out of Its Shell

Part One: The Prospective Audience Let me begin with the man Josh Allen bought a used car from, who “missed the literary discussions and the focus on critical thinking he received as part of his education [and] expressed longing for … Continue reading

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Class Update and AML Conference Thoughts

Class Update My creative writing class continues to be very fun. Two weeks ago student  s were to write sonnets that played with the conventions of the form in some way: one student chose to write one “backwards-sonnet” with the … Continue reading

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My Creative Writing Class: First Thoughts

Many of you read my hypothetical plan for a first lesson in a creative writing class, as well as the follow-up announcement that I would actually get a chance to use it. A brief update now that I have four … Continue reading

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Now That I’m Going to Teach Creative Writing….

In June, I wrote a post called “If I ever teach creative writing…” Through a strange and fortunate twist of fate, I find myself in exactly that position this fall. So now I’m in the process of trying to use … Continue reading

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If I ever teach creative writing…

If I ever teach creative writing, this is what my first lesson will be. I will make the students put away books and laptops and desks, leaving only one table in the middle of the room. I will put a … Continue reading

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Halakha, Aggadah and Jesus

If I had time for another hobby, it would be following the Supreme Court the way a sports junkie follows sports. For most people, sports is about finding a team and cheering for it. For a true junkie, though, the … Continue reading

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On Layered Time, plus Thoughts on a Certain Musical

On April 6th I was interested in General Conference to hear stories about the beginnings of the Church welfare program. I knew the program was important, but I didn’t realize how important until Bishop Burton shared the Heber J. Grant … Continue reading

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Long Live the Revolution!

On Monday, my wife asked a class of BYU students how many of them had heard a Mormon say “I hate Mormons” in a group of Mormons. Every single student raised his or her hand. Now, some of us have … Continue reading

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Mormon LitCrit: On Envying Jewish Lit

Two weeks ago, my wife and I received a complimentary copy the Winter 2011 issue of Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies because we have an article about Joann Sfar’s Klezmer published there. About a week before that, as … Continue reading

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Storytelling & Community: Of Grisham and Ghalib

I spent last weekend at the MLA Convention in L.A. While the convention itself was great, my favorite part was staying with my “aunt” Pawan (actually my mom’s cousin and not quite two years older than me) and getting to … Continue reading

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