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Call for Submissions (for Mormon works under 1,000 words)

How can we get more Mormons exposed to interesting Mormon literature? In a recent discussion on this blog, I recommended posting more short works online as an easy-to-access gateway to the field. Well, Scott Hales and I resolved to “go … Continue reading

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Evangelizing Mormon Lit: How to Lure the Audience Out of Its Shell

Part One: The Prospective Audience Let me begin with the man Josh Allen bought a used car from, who “missed the literary discussions and the focus on critical thinking he received as part of his education [and] expressed longing for … Continue reading

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Class Update and AML Conference Thoughts

Class Update My creative writing class continues to be very fun. Two weeks ago student  s were to write sonnets that played with the conventions of the form in some way: one student chose to write one “backwards-sonnet” with the … Continue reading

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My Creative Writing Class: First Thoughts

Many of you read my hypothetical plan for a first lesson in a creative writing class, as well as the follow-up announcement that I would actually get a chance to use it. A brief update now that I have four … Continue reading

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Now That I’m Going to Teach Creative Writing….

In June, I wrote a post called “If I ever teach creative writing…” Through a strange and fortunate twist of fate, I find myself in exactly that position this fall. So now I’m in the process of trying to use … Continue reading

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If I ever teach creative writing…

If I ever teach creative writing, this is what my first lesson will be. I will make the students put away books and laptops and desks, leaving only one table in the middle of the room. I will put a … Continue reading

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Halakha, Aggadah and Jesus

If I had time for another hobby, it would be following the Supreme Court the way a sports junkie follows sports. For most people, sports is about finding a team and cheering for it. For a true junkie, though, the … Continue reading

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On Layered Time, plus Thoughts on a Certain Musical

On April 6th I was interested in General Conference to hear stories about the beginnings of the Church welfare program. I knew the program was important, but I didn’t realize how important until Bishop Burton shared the Heber J. Grant … Continue reading

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Long Live the Revolution!

On Monday, my wife asked a class of BYU students how many of them had heard a Mormon say “I hate Mormons” in a group of Mormons. Every single student raised his or her hand. Now, some of us have … Continue reading

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Mormon LitCrit: On Envying Jewish Lit

Two weeks ago, my wife and I received a complimentary copy the Winter 2011 issue of Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies because we have an article about Joann Sfar’s Klezmer published there. About a week before that, as … Continue reading

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