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Four Centuries of Mormon Stories Contest

In February, the Mormon Lit Blitz generated around 10,000 reads for thirteen pieces of short Mormon Lit. I don’t know the numbers for the WIZ poetry contest, but I suspect that the tight race there correlated strongly with a sudden … Continue reading

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Mormon Lit and Other Nineteenth-Century Religions’ Lit

Many of our recurring discussions about Mormon Lit try to measure how the field is doing and how it is likely to do within our lifetimes. We return again and again to the economics of literature written for Mormons, to … Continue reading

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Race, Culture, White Guilt, and Mormon Letters

Several of my mom’s siblings were in town this weekend, including two brothers from England, so we had our Goldberg family seder at my grandma’s house with two dozen members of the Gill clan in attendance. Because we had lots … Continue reading

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New Venue: Everyday Mormon Writer

If you have not yet voted in the Mormon Lit Blitz, you should. I tallied a hundred of the votes last night before deciding I had to sleep, and it’s a very tight race. The current lead of the top … Continue reading

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The final piece of the Mormon Lit Blitz went live today. Which leaves us a closed set of thirteen short reference points as a way to talk about Mormon Lit. The question I am most interested in is: what are … Continue reading

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Going Viral with Mormon Lit

I’ve just had a rather strange experience. On Monday night, I wrote up a blog post in response to a New York Times op ed piece that was pretty negative about Mormonism. The NYT piece was really nothing new–the central … Continue reading

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Mormon Lit Blitz Contest Semi-Finalists

Contest update: we’ve narrowed the 200+ submissions for the Mormon Lit Blitz Contest  down to a list of 32 semi-finalists, the titles of which we will be releasing in stages between now and Wednesday. See the Mormon Artist blog for … Continue reading

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Writing about the ancestors I share with Mitt Romney

Before I get into the post proper, let me make one last plug for submitting to the Mormon Lit Blitz. With three days to go before the deadline, we’ve already received over a hundred submissions. I recently went and randomly … Continue reading

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Blitz Contest Writing Advice

As of yesterday, the Mormon Lit Blitz Contest had received 28 submissions—this with nearly six weeks to go (that’s an entire missionary transfer, folks!) until the January 15th deadline. I realize, of course, that 95% of contest submissions usually come … Continue reading

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Call for Submissions (for Mormon works under 1,000 words)

How can we get more Mormons exposed to interesting Mormon literature? In a recent discussion on this blog, I recommended posting more short works online as an easy-to-access gateway to the field. Well, Scott Hales and I resolved to “go … Continue reading

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