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Double-thinking Humanities 101

It’s interesting how many of the basic Humanities 101 concepts and questions are still being actively discussed by this august body of people who mostly have university degrees already. Continue reading

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Thank you for not yelling at me

One of the great challenges of a literature whose foundations come from common religion (or politics, or healthy living, or any other community that requires a conversion) is a tendency to preach. Continue reading

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Getting the Squirrel to Read

My family likes to read, and we specifically like to read fiction. Except my 11-year old son, Alex (affectionately known as the Squirrel). So I’m looking for suggestions. What can I do to encourage the Squirrel to read? Continue reading

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Getting off the sidelines: Thoughts on LTUE 29

I hope I’m not stepping on anyone else’s assigned topic here, but as an attendee and sometime panelist at the symposium on science fiction and fantasy held at BYU last week, I wanted to offer some observations. A consideration in … Continue reading

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Fascinating (depictions of) Womanhood

I was born in the mid-1960s, so I grew up listening to the debate about the challenges of implementing both civil rights and women’s rights. My Saturday morning cartoons featured explorations on social and environmental responsibility (anyone remember Sealab 2020). … Continue reading

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Community Voices: A Tale of Two Christmases

A personal vignette. In August of 2001, the company I worked for was caught in the collapse of the technology sector, the so-called “dot-bomb” where heavily overvalued tech stocks took a beating in a massive market correction. The effect was … Continue reading

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Mormon LitCrit: Despair Porn vs. a Literature of Hope

It’s been an odd reading/viewing month for me. I rarely set out with a predetermined theme, but I often discover one as I go. While I understand that it’s unusual to discuss despair on Thanksgiving day, that was the accidental … Continue reading

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Community Voices: Please Pardon This Interruption

I apologize for this breach in protocol. Each of us has a scheduled day to post and mine has already passed for the month, but I wanted to jump in quick before the next scheduled entry and ask a question.

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Community Voices: What I Meant to Say Was…

Sometimes a theme gets stuck in your head and you have a hard time resolving it to your own satisfaction. So you pick at it and turn it around. You look at it from different angles. You articulate an idea … Continue reading

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Community Voices: When I Got Old

It was at dinner the other night, and I was waxing eloquent about something. I don’t remember the subject or the context, but it involved the phrase “projectile vomiting.” Of course, my 16-year old daughter sighed loudly, my 10-, 12-, … Continue reading

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