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Hi! I'm the coordinator for the AML blog, a critic and reviewer of Mormon literature and sf&f, and an aspiring creative writer with one published novel. To contact me about the AML blog, email jonathan AT langfordwriter DOT com.

Storytelling & Community: Mormon Literary Bazaar

This post is partly about Dawning of a Brighter Day, this very blog sponsored by the Association for Mormon Letters, including recent initiatives we’ve started and hopes for where this might go. It’s also about my thoughts regarding the Mormon … Continue reading

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Announcement: AML Blog Facelift

AML blog will be getting a new look and feel, thanks to efforts by Jacob Proffitt and Johnna Cornett — including a switch to WordPress as our new platform. It’s our hope that this will make the blog function more … Continue reading

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Announcement: AML Blog Slots

Hi all! I’ve been asked by the AML board to take over coordination of the AML blog. I’m posting to ask for suggestion and throw out some ideas for how we — that’s us here at AML, but also hopefully … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: Cain’s Sacrifice

I was thinking about the spiritual dangers that come with being an LDS writer (or artist of any kind, really) when the following came to mind: And in process of time it came to pass that Cain brought of the … Continue reading

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Community Voices: The Amateur Nature of Mormon Letters

This was originally published as a guest post. There’s a certain sense of validation, in our commercial culture, that comes with being paid for one’s work. This is at least as true in literature as elsewhere. Anyone (or so the … Continue reading

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