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Violence and Veterans Day

With Veteran’s Day less than a week away I have been thinking about books about war. War and violence have been a part of human life from the moment that Cain slew Abel, and depictions of war are as old … Continue reading

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Modern Romance for the Modern Mormon Woman

I started hearing about Melanie Jacobson early last year when her first book, The List, was published by Covenant. It sounded interesting, but I didn’t read either of that book or her second, Not My Type, until both books became … Continue reading

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Writing and Community Building

For the last several months I have been the editor of my ward’s monthly newsletter. This experience has been interesting in many ways and I wanted to share a few thoughts about it in this setting. First of all, I … Continue reading

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Owning Books

A few months ago I left my job at a public library for a new one at an academic library. My former coworkers all contributed to a thoughtful, and rather appropriate, parting gift: a generous gift card to Barnes and … Continue reading

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Book Reviews on the Internet: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Recently, a discussion cropped up in the comments section on a book review posted on another blog. The commenter noted that both the person reviewing the book, along with the other commenters, were generally heaping praise on the book while … Continue reading

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Mormon Authors writing Non-Mormon Inspirational Fiction

Over at Motley Vision, Jonathan Langford reviewed his reading of Whitney finalists. In his review of the General Fiction category , he noted that few of the finalists engaged with religious issues, and only one book was explicitly Mormon at all. I … Continue reading

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