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Reflections on a Mini-era: An Editor’s Inside Look at Cedar Fort

Guest post by Heidi Doxey. It’s been four years. In the spring of 2008, I sat behind a brown-haired girl in my fiction editing class at BYU. She was pleasant and intelligent, but so were most of the students in … Continue reading

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Bryan Mark Taylor’s 200 Paintings

Guest post by Theric Jepson Bryan Mark Taylor is still young yet already a leading name in West Coast plein air painting. Best known for his California coasts and Utah mountains and San Francisco cityscapes and Italy rustics (to name … Continue reading

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Is There Deep Play in Heaven? Or Rest Well, Brother Swenson, Rest Well

Guest post by Tyler Chadwick. Cross-posted from A Motley Vision and from Tyler’s website. On the afternoon of the first resurrection, I want to sit on my sister May’s bench and read her new poems. So, maybe, if you’re still … Continue reading

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El Polígamo Solitario Comes to Town

Guest post by Ángel Chaparro Sáinz I have this friend who works in the security staff of a Spanish professional soccer team. One of the midfielders got some invitations for an exhibition that he didn’t want to visit. So this … Continue reading

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The Beauty of (Church) Pageants

by Scott Hales Last summer my family took a trip to Palmyra to attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I had not been to the pageant since 1987–when I was still too young to get much out of it.[1] In fact, … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Resurrecting Old Books: A Short Introduction to the Mormon Texts Project

by Ben Crowder We’re a bookish people. In this dispensation alone we’ve got the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and thousands upon thousands of other Latter-day Saint books — doctrine and theology, history, … Continue reading

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Romance 101: The More Subtle Elements of the Formula

by Moriah Jovan “The only real requirement of a romance novel is a happily ever after (HEA).” Everybody who reads romance knows this. Here’s the dirty little secret: That’s not really true. There are tropes, traits, tableaux, and themes that … Continue reading

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Investigating Barber and Mormon Literature

Guest post by Ángel Chaparro Sáinz Moderator’s Note: This is part of AML’s ongoing effort to feature news of critical projects related to Mormon letters. If you’re working on something you want to let people know about, contact the AML … Continue reading

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Stuff of Romance: Remedial Romance

by Moriah Jovan Moderator’s Note: This is the first of what I hope will be a series of monthly posts from many perspectives related to romance writing, with particular application to romance as a genre in Mormon literature and/or by … Continue reading

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Writing Is a Lonely Business: The Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference

by Rebecca Rice Birkin Moderator’s Note: Dawning of a Brighter Day welcomes guest blog posts such as this on topics related to Mormon literature and literary criticism. For more information, email Jonathan Langford, AML blog coordinator, at jonathan AT motleyvision … Continue reading

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