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So You’re a Writer, Huh?

They say: The stereotypical writer hangs out at Starbucks during the week, speaking to no one but the barista while there. At night, he drinks heavily, alone and in his one room flat. As a general rule, he only bathes … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and You

Last year, some kindly soul on the AML-list posted information about the then-new Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, which bestows a $15,000 contract and publication with Penquin to its winners. There are two categories: One in mainstream and one in YA. Entries … Continue reading

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Children’s Lit Corner: Reading and Kids

My third grader is a boy, a kid who loves to ignite his army men with firecrackers (when I’m not looking), build helicopters with his tinker toys, and hunt fossils. All boy. And every nine weeks, his third grade teacher … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: My Group is Better than Your Group

I don’t know about your face-to-face writing group, but mine is the coolest. Cooler than yours, I’m dead certain. First, we meet in a small café, which, admittedly, is trés ordinaire, but our café is in the Super Target on … Continue reading

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Storytelling & Community: Don’t Judge Them to Death

On my way home from teaching, I pass an empty lot in the middle of my town’s business district. The local funeral home rents the space and posts one of those Clever-Saying signs that usually adorn the parking lots of … Continue reading

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