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Sujfan Stevens and a Few Thoughts on Mormon Art

(Cross posted on We should have known that anyone who could write a melodic, lyrical ballad about a serial killer (John Wayne Gacy) still had some secrets and mysteries to explore. In fact, he announced just that in the … Continue reading

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I Am Jane (with a little Levinas)

I wrote the play I Am Jane a decade ago, and we had our premiere performance in an LDS chapel for the Genesis Group meeting. We turned the sacrament table into a deathbed and the choir seats into a pioneer camp. … Continue reading

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Death Be Not Proud

I am in London, and will be until July. The week before I left, the editor of a documentary I helped make was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Two days after I arrived in London, I learned that a … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Linda Sillitoe

I first read Linda’s work in the 1970s, and found her style evocative and deceptively simple. She was a remarkable woman, and fearlessly tackled such difficult issues as sexual abuse (Secrets Keep) and the Mark Hoffman case (Salamandar). She was … Continue reading

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Consecrating Our Talents Etc.

A little over a decade ago, I had met several of my goals as a writer. I had won awards and published books. Strangely, I found that publishing wasn’t that big of a deal. Neither was winning an award. I … Continue reading

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Mormon Literature: It’s In the Mail

For the past few years, I have been making a documentary.  For the past few months, I have been doing all of the business associated with distributing that documentary, since we haven’t yet found a distributor we’re satisfied with.  I … Continue reading

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Approaching a New Semester and a New Blog–Conversations

I have been teaching English at BYU for twenty-five years, focusing on creative writing for more than half of that time. As I contemplate winter semester 2010 and the new AML blog, I have been thinking about conversations. A blog … Continue reading

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Mormon Art Doesn’t Mean Utah Art

When I was in my teens, Mormon literature was going through an adolescent phase, with clichéd romances asking such earth-shattering questions as “Will they get married in the temple or not?” Amidst the feel-good-because-I’m Mormon literature were some genuine breakthroughs, … Continue reading

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