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Digital Drama: The Way to Keep Mormon Theatre Relevant?

I believe that keeping the flame of Mormon drama alive is important. Especially at our still early stage of development as a religion and a culture, we already have a rich heritage of dramatic literature filled with a wide range … Continue reading

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Justifying the Cut: The Plays of Saints on Stage

With the publication of Saints on Stage: An Anthology of Mormon Drama, I’ve been thinking a lot about Mormon drama and how it currently stands as it own niche genre. The whole reason I pitched the idea of the anthology … Continue reading

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Old Problems, New Opportunities: Looking Towards the Future of Mormon Drama

We recently completed the last leg work for the editing of Saints on Stage: An Anthology for Mormon Drama, which I’ve been spearheading for Zarahemla Books. It includes important plays from some of Mormonism’s best playwrights… Robert Elliott, Thomas Rogers, … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: No Way Around It: Bad Guys Say F-Words

So, I’m working on a Mormon-themed novel with some bad guys in it, one bad guy in particular. I know this isn’t a totally new discussion, but right now I’m in the thick of the issue of realistic language. I’m … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Zarahemla Author Guidelines

I haven’t been doing much blogging or posting in any social forums lately, mainly because I’m trying to finish up one big book project and gear up to start the next, so I don’t have much extra literary energy to … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: What to Publish?

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’ve just finished preparing the 2009 royalty statements and checks for Zarahemla Books authors. Sometimes I wonder about spending so much time on this endeavor, but I felt good today when I totaled up the grand total … Continue reading

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