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Fifteen Things You Should Know Before You Try to Write Mormon Missionary Fiction

You are not the first person to write a Mormon missionary story. In fact, there’s a good chance that your Mormon missionary story has already been written. You stand a better chance of writing a good Mormon missionary story if … Continue reading

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Interview with Nebula & Hugo Award Nominee Nancy Fulda

In last month’s SF&F Corner post, I interviewed Nebula Award nominee Brad R. Torgersen, and I promised an interview with the other LDS nominee, Nancy Fulda, in this month’s post.  However, between that post and this one, the Hugo Award … Continue reading

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Interview with Nebula Award Nominee Brad R. Torgersen

Established in 1965, the Nebula Awards are kind of like the Oscars of science fiction and fantasy. Nominees for the awards are chosen and then voted on by members of the professional organization for speculative fiction authors, the Science Fiction … Continue reading

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Going Viral with Mormon Lit

I’ve just had a rather strange experience. On Monday night, I wrote up a blog post in response to a New York Times op ed piece that was pretty negative about Mormonism. The NYT piece was really nothing new–the central … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Checking in with Signature Books

Guest post by Tom Kimball What a wonderful age we Mormons live in. Authors with LDS backgrounds like Elna Baker and Brady Udall are receiving national attention for their books, while Walter Kirn had Up in the Air turned into … Continue reading

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Attila the Hun, Sunday School, and Sunstone

Last Sunday in Gospel Doctrine, the teacher read several quotations about leadership and forced us to guess from whence they came. The statements were things like, “[Leaders] must understand that the spirit of the law is greater than its letter,” … Continue reading

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