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The Business Side of Writing: Honing Your Craft and the Best Books on Writing

I’ll begin by saying that I of course will not present an exhaustive list of the best books on writing. I’m going to list the best books I know of on writing, and would love to have people add onto said … Continue reading

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A Shameless Plug for Irreantum

If you’ve already received and read the latest issue of Irreantum, you’ll want to skip this post. It’s just a shameless Irreantum plug. But if you haven’t read the newest issue of Irreantum yet, I hope this post will encourage … Continue reading

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Solving the Mystery of Writing

Did you know that when asked, an estimated 75% of people will say that they want to write a book? But 75% of people aren’t writing books, are they? There are probably a good number of people who are closet … Continue reading

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Eli and the Morning Monster

This is Eli. Do not be fooled by his clean-cut appearance. He is five years old. He is my nephew. His favorite toy is his mouth and he runs with it nearly non-stop. Unless, of course, it is 7 am and … Continue reading

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From The Writer’s Desk: Must Writers Suffer?

I’ll admit it. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve lived thirty-seven fantastically charmed years. I’ll spare you the sunshine-laced details of my history, but I’ll sum it up this way: good parents, good friends, good spouse, good kids, good … Continue reading

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From the Writer’s Desk: Making Time to Write

Where does one find the time to write? Where do Mormons find the time to write? Over the years I’ve heard Mormons complain about this. The complaint usually goes like this: “I’d have a great novel to my credit if … Continue reading

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