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Imaginary Mormons

The first time I read Ender’s Game I loved it, of course, but I hated one very specific thing: Ender’s mom was Mormon. It bothered me, as a child, that Mormons could exist in a universe where Mormonism, as I … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Why Editors Have Claws

Guest post by William Morris Editors are evil. They’re monsters: vampires who suck the life out of your manuscripts; werewolves who tear your stories to shreds; zombies with vacant stares who repeat the same vacant phrases (Show don’t tell!) while … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Peculiar Pages for Peculiar People

Guest post by Theric Jepson The seed for Peculiar Pages was planted—no offense—during my dissatisfaction with Irreantum‘s fiction back in the early days. I was just becoming aware that actual Mormon literature (and not just Mormon books) existed (or at … Continue reading

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