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2e || !2e: One Reader’s First eBook Encounter

I’ve been reading books on computer screens for about two decades, starting with book-length manuscripts in a word processor, moving to PDFs and hypertext books, and even using the Kindle app on my PC to read classics. But this was my first full eBook experience for a novel on a handheld reader. And it was more jarring than I expected. Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: The Disruptive Technology of e-Publishing

Guest post by Chris Schoebinger, Product Director/Creative Director at Deseret Book For Christmas my wife and I decided to get my 68-year-old mother an e-Reader. However, we were unsure about her reaction. She’s a voracious reader, but she’s never read … Continue reading

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Electronic Age: The interwhatsis, and the future of literature

Let’s face it: the internet has us all freaked out.  It’s 1439 all over again–maybe more like 1450–and this Gutenberg dude has just revolutionized the way information is disseminated and all we know for sure is that those monks who … Continue reading

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