About AML

The nonprofit Association for Mormon Letters (AML) promotes the production and study of Mormon literature and its enjoyment by all. Members receive a subscription to our twice yearly literary magazine, Irreantum

In addition, AML encourages discussion and recognition of Mormon literature through various services and events.

  • AML Review Archive where there are now over 1000 literature and film reviews archived on the AML website, and everyone is welcome to browse through the archive.
  • The AML Annual Meeting where scholarly papers on Mormon literature and the AML Awards are presented.
  • AML Awards . Have you published this year? Each year at its annual meeting the Association for Mormon Letters presents awards for the best Mormon literature (in all genres) published during the prior year. Find out how to have your work considered.
  • AML Discussion Board . In May 1995, AML started an email list for online discussion of Mormon literature and for electronic publication of reviews of LDS literature and film. Now the reviews are posted to the AML Discussion Board as well as to the AML email list , and then reviews are archived to the AML Review Archive¬†¬† Please join us for online discussion of topics relevant to LDS literature and film and share your comments and your reviews. If you would like to sign up for the AML email list, please send an email to aml-list-subscribe@mormonletters.org.

About Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Author of six professionally published short stories; moderator of two online writing workshop forums for Orson Scott Card (The Hatrack River Writers Workshop and the Nauvoo Workshop for LDS Writers); part-time computer genealogist; AML Review Archive editor and AML website flunky; mother of three and grandmother of five, so far (plus slave of a polydactyl, part-lynx-point snowshoe Siamese cat); Salt Lake Temple ordinance worker; lover of reading, knitting, and dark chocolate.
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