Nelda Booras


Nelda Booras passed away August 13, 2014 in Oakland, California, at 96 years old. If you, like me, did not know until Karen Rosenbaum told you that she “was an accomplished and galleried artist,” now you do.

Sister Booras does not seem to have left much trace online (she was, after all, 76 when Netscape appeared on the scene), but here’s a little something:



If you knew Nelda Booras or were acquainted with her work, I would love to know more about.

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5 Responses to Nelda Booras

  1. Jonathan Langford says:

    It’s a shame that it doesn’t seem possible to find any images of her work online.

  2. .

    I found some pages that had images alongside other artists’ paintings, but those pages did not say which was whose. Darn ’90s-era internet….

  3. Greg Call says:

    I visited her tidy apartment in Oakland as a brand new LDS bishop. She was too infirm to attend services at that point so I’d never met her. She modestly showed me a few of her paintings, but never let on about her distinguished career. I wish I had gotten to know her sooner.

  4. christin says:

    I have a painting of hers in my front room. It is I believe of a winery in Napa but I’m not sure. I received it from my grandmother Vera Wells, Nelda’s sister. The painting was in my grandmother’s house for as long as I can remember.

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