Pioneer Day Free Association


One hundred sixty-eight years ago, the Brooklyn arrived in San Francisco, making it a predominately Mormon town (it didn’t last). In celebration of this moment, some free association. First, my comic about expedition leader Sam Brannan (originally published in SF Weekly), then a song by my favorite Mormon Austin band about New York City, then an image of Annie Poon’s New York-living lovelorn Puppy, then a Kershisnik painting with a couple that look like they may soon be lovelorn themselves, and finally a pre-trek Brigham Young looking shady, like he might be about to break some hearts himself.

All images link to where I found them. The video is followed by a link to the band’s website . . . and to the video . . . in case I didn’t figure out Wp’s imbed code properly.

Haun’s Mill • “New York City




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5 Responses to Pioneer Day Free Association

  1. Th. says:


    Srsly tho: why is it so hard to do YouTube on this blog?

  2. Nice to see that Brannan piece again. Still love it.

  3. Tod Robbins says:

    YouTube embeds with WordPress explained, my friend:

    PS: when did you publish that Brannan comic? It’s so great! Ship Brooklyn research is a passion of mine. We should chat sometime about this.


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