“Discourse on Leaves”


With the apparent demise of Irreantum and my own current thinkings lately on the demise of the Relief Society Magazine, may I present the last smidge of editorial content that latter organ ever published.

Relief Society Magazine---last poem ever published, last bit of editorial content

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6 Responses to “Discourse on Leaves”

  1. Jonathan Langford says:

    But there’s a difference, too. With published works, we still have those gorgeous autumn leaves, not just in the sense that they live on in their impact on us, but as actual artifacts that can still be viewed, just as bright and colorful as they were then — if we choose to do so.

  2. Doug Talley says:

    Can anyone explain what killed Irreantum? What is needed to revive it? Money? Labor?

    • Jonathan Langford says:

      I believe the decisive factor was a lack of people willing to take over the primary editorial tasks. But there may have been other factors as well.

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