Association for Mormon Letters Conference 2013

We are excited for the upcoming AML conference.  It’s looking like a stellar couple of days.  Please spread the word.  The conference begins on March 29th in the evening, and goes all day on March 30 (Saturday).  It’s free and will be well worth your time.  Schedule follows.


Friday March 29th:

UVU Library auditorium (Orem, UT)

5:30: Comments by playwright Eric Samuelsen

Performance of Scott Bronson’s _Tombs_


Saturday March 29th, UVU Library

9:00-10:00 a.m.

Panel 1- Library auditorium

Intro: Karina Osgood

Tyler Chadwick: Performative Poesis and the (Un)Making of the World

Noel Carmack: Christ Correlated: ‘Approved’ Representations of Jesus in LDS Visual Resources, 1990-2013.

Panel 2- LI506 (Library instruction room)

Intro: Neil Longo

Mark Ellison: Work and Glory: Dynamics at Work in Early Christian and Latter-day Saint Art Depicting Jesus

Harlow Clark “Aesthetics as a reflection of ethics” starting with Simon Dewey’s painting ‘Behold the Man.’

KEYNOTE: Library Auditorium

Artist J. Kirk Richards 10:10-11:20

“Seek Ye The Face of Christ: Artists’ Considerations in Depicting the Savior”


Panel 3: LI506

Intro: Carter Bradshaw

James Goldberg: Jesus in Joanna Brooks’ Book of Mormon Girl

Christopher Cunningham: Messianic archetypes in Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game

Lynne Larson: Our War with Hollywood: Let’s Call a Truce.

Mattathias Westwood: James Goldberg’s The Five Books of Jesus: Maschiach and son of God

Panel 4: LI505

Intro: Kristin Danner

Jacob Bender: The Hermeneutics of Silence: Low, Ben-Hur, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Jonathon Penny: Strange Saviors: Richards’ Pantocrator and Goldberg’s Jew

Corey Wozniak:  Playing God: The Function of Drama in Mormon Pedagogy, with Case Studies of LDS Actors Portraying Christ.

Laura Allred Hurtado: Christian Jankowski’s Casting Jesus & the Mormon Response: A discussion between Two Scholars

Brown bag lunch and announcement of awards (1:00-2:15) Place TBA


Panel 5: LI505

Intro: Dr. John Bennion

Jack Harrell: “Toward a Mormon Literary Theory”

Blair Dee Hodges “I didn’t want an idiot: I’ve four already!” Intellectual Disability and Polygamy in 19th Century Novels about the Mormons

Jordan Harmer: How Mormons Read

David Rodrigues II: “In the midst of ‘approved’ pictures, how do we edify one another?”

Panel 6 Poetry readings from _Fire in the Pasture_: Library auditorium

Intro: Tyler Chadwick


Panel 7: LI506

Intro: Dr. Bruce Jorgensen

Danny Hastings: ‘The Search: A personal quest
for the perfect artistic portrayal of the Savior’

Mark Goodson: Personal experiences on painting Christ as a two-year-old in Egypt, oil on canvas

Glenn Gordon “The Religious Writer and the Bi-Cultural World: The Challenge of being In the world but not OF the world”

Carol Elaine Erekson: Though Mortal Fathers Play Santa, Christ—our Father—is Not Santa Claus

Panel 8: Poetry Readings (cont.): Library auditorium

Panel 9: LI505

Intro: James Goldberg

Readings by Erin Jackson, Emily Harris Adams, and James Goldberg: Depicting Christ in Fiction

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15 Responses to Association for Mormon Letters Conference 2013

  1. Scott Hales says:

    This sounds excellent. I wish I could be there this year.

  2. Wm says:

    This all looks quite lovely, but I especially wish I could be there for Jacob Bender’s presentation. The title is quite intriguing.

  3. S.P. Bailey says:

    Interestingly, Wm, Low is playing in Provo that night. See here:

    The question (for me anyway!) is whether I can swing taking all day Saturday away from the family and not just the evening …

    • Margaret Blair Young says:

      Please tell me about Low. Maybe the Velour would be a good place to meet for post-conference relaxation.

      • Wm says:

        Low is the godfather/mother of the slowcore movement in indie rock. Comprised of the Mormon husband-wife duo of Alan Sparhawk (vocals, guitar) and Mimi Parker (vocals, drums) and a bassist (they’ve had 4 over the past 20 years), the band plays haunting, gorgeous, evocative, troubling music. BYUtv did an episode of Audio Files with Low, which would make for a good introduction.

        I have seem them in concert. It was a quiet, harrowing, holy experience. I’d highly recommend seeing them perform.

      • Wm says:

        Also: their vocal harmonies are beautiful. (this comment will make more sense once my previous one makes it out of moderation).

  4. Emily M. says:

    Why did you schedule it on the Saturday before
    Easter? *sniff* I have too many mommy obligations that day to sneak away.

    • Margaret Blair Young says:

      Oh, I didn’t even think of Easter! Sorry you’ll miss it, Emily, but I’m also thinking that the schedule is fortuitous. I feel that we ignore Good Friday. Seeing Scott Bronson’s _Tombs_ will be a good thing.
      I do apologize to all those who have lots of Easter preps. I do Passover, and will have all of my needed supplies purchased by Thursday, March 28th.

  5. Th. says:


    Man alive. So sad to be too far away.

  6. Really looking forward to this!

  7. Two minor spelling errors in names:

    It’s Mattathias Westwood and Jonathon Penny.

  8. Margaret Blair Young says:

    Corrected, James! And I’ve added room numbers.

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