Transition Time for the “Publishers Corner” Column

As of January 2013, I will have coordinated the AML blog’s monthly “Publishers Corner” column for three years. It seems like a good time to take stock and also to announce my honorable release as column coordinator.

During the three years, we’ve published posts from the following publishers:

A Motley Vision
B10 Mediaworx
Cedar Fort
Covenant Communications
Deseret Book
Greenjacket Books
Jolly Fish Press
Mormon Texts Project
Parables Publishing
Peculiar Pages
Rhemalda Publishing
Strange Violin Editions
WiDo Publishing
Zarahemla Books

To view all the past “Publishers Corner” columns, click here.

Though I’m stepping aside as coordinator, the AML blog would like to continue to run columns written from the publisher perspective, including self-publishers. We would also be happy if someone wanted to take over coordinating this “Publishers Corner” column, which mainly entails inviting publishers to share their views and experiences.

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2 Responses to Transition Time for the “Publishers Corner” Column

  1. Jonathan Langford says:


    Thanks again for the work you’ve put into this. And I second what you say about wanting to continue this feature, if we can find someone to head it up!

  2. Th. says:


    It’s a good list.

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