I’m ready for a party. Let’s have two.

We talk about Mormon Literature a lot on this blog–what with it being the blog topic and all. But it’s time we did more than talk.

Friends, it is time to step up. And celebrate.

I have two parties to recommend in October:

1) The Four Centuries of Mormon Stories Contest will kick off tomorrow with a prologue from Eliza R. Snow, followed by finalists on the 15th-27th, followed by voting untilĀ  6 November for the $400 prize. On Facebook, Scott Hales is already pumping out the memes. This is going to be the Mormon Lit event of mid-October, so…you know…be there. Virtually. And cheer/campaign for your favorites.

We will be offering commemorative T-shirts with the winner of each century silk-screened onto Mount Rushmore. That is a lie.

2) I also recommend getting together at the The Five Books of Jesus Discussion Group. Because I think it would be fun for several Mormon Lit people to read a book together and talk about it in a place where our friends are more likely to look over our virtual shoulders to see what we’re up to. Obviously, there’s an element of shameless self-promotion in plugging a discussion group for my own book. But I think this book would be particularly good for the community because it’s accessible on several different levels, and there’s something for almost everyone in there. It would be cool to discuss a book we can all engage with–and also share with our grandmas.

So: let’s go. Let’s read stories and share strange memes and argue about the intertextual play in a new novel. Because…why not?

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2 Responses to I’m ready for a party. Let’s have two.

  1. Wm says:

    Granted I also have conflicts of interest, but I highly recommend both items above.

  2. SteveP says:

    Sounds fun! Never a bad reason to have a party, but a good reason is extra cool.

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