Bryan Mark Taylor’s 200 Paintings

Guest post by Theric Jepson

Bryan Mark Taylor is still young yet already a leading name in West Coast plein air painting. Best known for his California coasts and Utah mountains and San Francisco cityscapes and Italy rustics (to name a few), Bryan’s been busy outside the palette as well, inventing a better easel and publishing a book/app of his work.

200 Paintings is—surprise!—two hundred of Bryan’s best works. The book itself is nice but not cheap, and so it’s the ebook that’s been selling the most copies. Follow the link to see the first fifteen pages in low res, which includes the introduction I wrote for the book. (Note: I do not get a kickback for more copies sold. That’s not my motivation here.) I have to recommend the introduction simply because in the Mormon arts we often talk about the balance between the holy and the secular but few I know have thought about the subject or acted more deliberately thereupon than Bryan Mark Taylor. He’s worth engaging.

(The same, incidentally, is true of other nonwriter artists as well. For instance, see J. Kirk Richards’s recent engagement with President Kimball’s classic arts talk. These painters would seem to have a lot to tell us wordsmiths.)

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For more on Bryan, check out my Motley Vision interview or the recent article in Plein Air Magazine

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2 Responses to Bryan Mark Taylor’s 200 Paintings

  1. Wm says:

    If I had a ton of money, I’d commission him to do a Berkeley or Oakland painting.

    Good stuff. And excellent foreword too.

  2. Th. says:


    Thanks, Wm. And I wish I had some extra funds for that purpose myself.

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