2011 AML Awards

Awards for 2011, given on 21 April 2012

Biography: Parley P. Pratt: The Apostle Paul of Mormonism / by Terryl L. Givens and Matthew J. Grow. New York : Oxford University Press, 2011

Autobiography: The Place of Knowing : a Spiritual Autobiography / by Emma Lou Warner Thayne. Bloomington, Indiana : iUniverse, 2011

Criticism: The Gift and Power : Translating the Book of Mormon / Brant A. Gardner. — Salt Lake City : Greg Kofford Books, 2011

Film: Sons of Perdition / by Tyler Measom and Jennilyn Merten

Special Award in Graphical Narrative: Michael Dalton Allred, for a lifetime of comic art

Novel: The Scholar of Moab / Steven L. Peck. — Salt Lake : Torrey House, 2011

Essay: Adam Miller, for the year’s output

Poetry: Fire in the pasture : Twenty-first Century Mormon poets / edited by Tyler Chadwick. – - El Cerrito, California : Peculiar Pages, c2011

Short Story: David G. Pace, AAmerican Trinity,@ Dialogue 44.2 (Summer 2011): 161B76.

Short Fiction: Wasatch : Short Stories and a Novella / by Doug Thayer. — Provo, Utah : Zarahemla, 2011

Smith-Pettit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mormon Letters: Marilyn Brown

Special Award in Literary Journalism: Andrew Hall

Young Adult Novel: Variant / Robison Wells. — New York : HarperTeen, 2011

Marilyn Brown Novel Award: Paul Colt for Boots and Saddles: A Call to Glory

Honorary Lifetime Membership: Gideon Burton

About Jonathan Langford

Hi! I'm the coordinator for the AML blog, a critic and reviewer of Mormon literature and sf&f, and an aspiring creative writer with one published novel. To contact me about the AML blog, email jonathan AT langfordwriter DOT com.
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14 Responses to 2011 AML Awards

  1. Wm says:

    Congratulations, everybody. I can’t wait until the citations are posted — those are always great reading.

  2. Mahonri Stewart says:

    No award in Drama?

  3. Mahonri Stewart says:

    I would have thought that WWJD was a shoe in this year for the Drama Award…

  4. Th. says:


    I doubt WWJD qualified for last year. It’s older than that. Great play though.

    This is an exciting batch of awards. Some things here I’m anxious to learn more about.

  5. I just want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for that generous award! What a surprise! Also, to weigh in on Mahonri’s plays. A ROOF OVERHEAD is now playing in our Little Brown Theatre. (Two days left, Friday and Saturday.) I was so impressed with the writing of that play! Just wanted to voice my opinion. The reviewer paid more attention to the production. But the writing was FANTASTIC. Thank you, Mahonri!

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