AML Conference Schedule- April 21st, 2012

Association for Mormon Letters

2012 Annual Meeting   (April 21, 2012):

“Going Forth into   All the World: Mormon Literature in anInternationalChurch”


Time Room SC206A Room SC206B Room SC206C
9:00-9:50 Stephen Carter, “Mormon/Christian   Video Games”Carson Bennett, “‘The Wanderer’   andMoroni’s   Exile” Ken Adkins, “Cultural   Interpretations of the Rod of Iron”Josue Sanches, “On Translating   for Hispanics: Faith or Knowledge?” Tyler Chadwick, “Situating   Sonospophy: Deconstructing Alex Caldiero’s Poetarium”Harlow Clark, “‘Before Pilate   Was, I Am’”
10:00-11:15 Keynote: Elder John H.   Groberg, Centre Stage
  Room SC206A Room SC206B
11:30-12:45 Jack Harrell, “The 13th  Article of Faith as a Standard for Judging Literature”Joy Buhler, “The Great LDS   Novel: Pipedream or Future Reality?”


Scott Hales, “Beyond Missionary   Stories: Voicing the Transnational LDS Experience”


Glenn Gordon, “The Challenges of   Faithful Fiction from the Mormon Diaspora”

Dennis and Valarie Clark, “Senior Couples in   theUkraine”Julia G. Blair, “Remont”


Amy Coray, poem: “On the   Daugava”


Riley Lewis, “Firm as the   Mountains”


DVD   onCameroonTempleTrip

1:00-2:20 Lunch and AML Business   Meeting (including Award Presentations) 
2:30-3:50 Angel Chaparro Sainz, “Phyllis Barber:   There is Love After All”Helynne Hansen, “Novels of Mrs. A.   G. Paddock”


Brooke Brassard, “Alberta’s Wild Rose: Zina Woolf   Hickman”


James Goldberg, “Sylvester Lamis’s   ‘The Coconut Bond’”

Poetry   Readings from   Fire in the Pasture #1 (panel leader, Tyler Chadwick):Laura Baxter, Gideon Burton, Alex Caldiero, Aaron Guile, Laura Hamblin, Warren (Scott) Hatch, Marilyn Nielson, Steven Peck, Amber Watson, Terresa Wellborn                        


4:00-5:20 Kristi Bell, “Following   Dickens: Mormon Authors Market Christmas”John Bennion, “Becoming a Lord   of the Earth: Reflections on my British and Victorian Roots”


Lee Sheppard, “At Church in the   U. K.”


Eric Samuelsen, “Edward W. Tulldge   and Ben Israel: First Mormon Playright in Light of his Best Play”

Poetry   Readings from   Fire in the Pasture #2 (panel leader, Tyler Chadwick): Matthew James Babcock, Elaine Craig, Sarah Duffy, Lisa Fillerup, Sharlee Glenn, Michael Hicks, Susan Howe, E. S. (Sarah) Jenkins, Lance Larsen, Darlene Young


6:30 Reception with Readings by AML award   winners at the home of Charlotte England (1775 Andrus).  Refreshments   will be served.From  University Parkway,   turn north onto 650 East (west side of University Pressbuilding), then   immediately turn left (west) ontoAndrus     Lane.
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9 Responses to AML Conference Schedule- April 21st, 2012

  1. Jessie says:

    So many good things to choose from! I’m already looking forward to being here next week.

  2. Th. says:


    I’m depressed. Why can’t all these wonderful things happen in the summer when I have more freedom?

  3. Jessie says:

    I’ve driven from Utah to Berkeley and back in one weekend. It can be done :)

  4. Tyler says:

    @Th. Ah, who needs free time…

    And for anyone interested: the Poetry Readings from Fire in the Pasture are a bit skiwompus, so I’ve listed them here with a poster I put together to advertise these unique readings.

  5. Tyler says:

    (Correction: that should say “the Poetry Readings from Fire in the Pasture LISTS are a bit skiwompus…”)

  6. Amen to Theric’s comment,and I KNOW Charlotte England. She was in the first ward that Jeff and I attended as a married couple. Beautiful, wonderful person…extra jealoys :(w

  7. Argh, I am so frustrated with this android keyboard.

  8. Scott Parkin says:

    Wish I could attend. Sadly, it’s scheduled against Utah’s state political conventions and those of use who are delegates (or candidates) will be in Salt Lake City for most of the day.

    Maybe I can come late…

  9. Jonathan Langford says:

    Please note corrections to the poetry reading sessions on Saturday.

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