2011 Spring/Summer Irreantum

The 2011 Spring/Summer issue of Irreantum is being prepared to go to the printer, so if you want to start a subscription, or need to renew your subscription, please do so now.

Here are the contents of the new issue:

From the Editor


Karen Rosenbaum: “Aunt Charlotte’s Secrets”

Josh Allen: “Conceiving God”

Courtney Miller Santo: “Flight”


James Goldberg: “Wrestling with God: Invoking Scriptural Mythos and Language in LDS Literary Works”

Kathryn Lynard Soper: “On the Redemptive Alchemy of Memoir”

Helynne Hansen: “Mormonism 101 as LDS Literature Enters the Mainstream: Elna Baker’s The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance

Nancy Chaffin: “’The Other Women’: The Reality of Polarity”


Liz Chapman: “Disco Hero”

Jared White: “Boy Sledding”

Melissa Dalton-Bradford: “Aninut: Swaddling”

Jared White: “Mother Flexing”

Darlene Young: “Digestion in the Garden”


Sheldon Lawrence: “Of Gods and Waterfalls”

James Goldberg: “Four Faces of a Rhetorical Triangle”


Jonathan Langford: “Candidate for the Great Mormon Novel Douglas Thayer’s The Tree House

Jeffrey Needle: “A Mix of Ancient Mystery and Ponderous Prophecy: A Cautionary Review Phyllis Gunderson’s The Jaguar Prophecies

Scott Hales: “Modern Mormon Family Angela Hallstrom’s Bound on Earth

About the Artist


You can subscribe or renew online, via Paypal, on the Irreantum subscription webpage

or you can print out the page and mail your check to the AML address at the bottom of the page.

About Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Author of six professionally published short stories; moderator of two online writing workshop forums for Orson Scott Card (The Hatrack River Writers Workshop and the Nauvoo Workshop for LDS Writers); part-time computer genealogist; AML Review Archive editor and AML website flunky; mother of three and grandmother of five, so far (plus slave of a polydactyl, part-lynx-point snowshoe Siamese cat); Salt Lake Temple ordinance worker; lover of reading, knitting, and dark chocolate.
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