Announcing: This Week in Mormon Literature

Starting January 21, I will post at Dawning of a Brighter Day a weekly column covering the world of Mormon literature.  The focus will be on published fiction, but I will also cover theater and film.  I will link to recently published literary works, performances, screenings, reviews, publishing news, conferences, and online interviews and discussions about literature or the arts, as well as make my own occasional comments on the state of the field.    I hope to make the brief column a convenient gathering place for authors and readers to announce and follow news about the field each week.

If you, as a writer, publisher, participant, or fan, have a significant announcement you would like me to include, send me a message at mormonlit AT gmail DOT com. I would be happy to link, for example, to a story about an author in a newspaper.  I am not, however, interested in book signings, author or publisher contests, or other self-generated publicity material.  I will include links to critical reviews, but will generally avoid those published by authors on their blog sites, as authors are often easy on each other in order to build up their reading communities.  As far as the scope of literature, I will focus on novels, short stories, and poetry, while leaving out most non-fiction, like histories, biographies, self-help, or devotional works.  I will, however, include literary non-fiction, such as memoirs and the like.  I am interested in all literature written by or about Mormons, published in both the Mormon and national markets.  I am including theater and film, but will not cover music or visual art.

As far as new books, I plan on linking to the book pages that LDS Publisher makes at her LDS Fiction site, so as not to reinvent the wheel.  I will also post links to reviews of a book in the comments section of the LDS Fiction book page, so that readers can see all of the links at once.

I am open to any suggestions  about the column.

Again, my contact email is mormonlit AT gmail DOT com.

See you on January 21.

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5 Responses to Announcing: This Week in Mormon Literature

  1. Marny says:

    Excellent! Thanks for taking this on, Andrew.

  2. Great idea! And thanks for linking to my blog. :)

  3. Fantastic! I’m looking forward to reading your column.

  4. Th. says:


    I’ll be here.

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