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It may not be the best-kept secret in Mormon Literature, but sometimes we wonder.  The AML Review Archive contains over 1000 reviews of books, short stories, films, plays, and play productions, and even a few of music CDs, all pertaining in one way or another to the Mormon experience.   Links to the five most recent additions to the Archive are in the upper right corner of the AML home page, and new reviews are added frequently.

But there are hundreds of other examples of Mormon literature (literature by, for, and/or about Mormons) that have not been reviewed, or at least those reviews have not been included in the AML Review Archive.

One of the purposes of this post is to invite everyone to visit the Archive and look around. See what works have been included, and what authors.  See who has done reviews, and what they’ve had to say.  Find out if your favorites are there, and if they aren’t, please consider helping us to remedy that situation.

If you find something you’d like to purchase because of a review, please consider doing it through Amazon, using the link on the review page.  AML is an Amazon Associate, and we receive a percentage of the payment of every book or DVD purchased through our links.  Your purchase that way will help to support AML and our efforts to promote excellence in Mormon literature.

This kind of support can be given through the AML awards pages as well, and they may be found here:

If you find that your favorites are not included in the Archive, or that you disagree with a review of something you’ve read or viewed, please consider sending us your review to include.  We already have some reviews that have appeared elsewhere, such as on A Motley Vision and on Amazon, and we are more than happy to credit the original appearance of any review we include.

The AML Review guidelines are on the Reviews page (above), and you may send the reviews to Jeffrey Needle, AML’s review editor, who will post them on the AML Discussion Board as well as on the AML  List, and send them to the publisher.

Or you can send them directly to the AML List at or to the AML Review Archive editor at (use the same format for the subject line as described in the guidelines) and if it is a reprint, please tell us where your review originally appeared.

We realize that not everyone enjoys the same LDS books, movies, and plays, but reviews for those who do enjoy them would be a service, and warnings for those who don’t would be a service as well.

Please let us know if you’ve seen reviews elsewhere that ought to be in the AML Review Archive, and we’ll see about obtaining permission to include them.

I confess that I haven’t reviewed all of the LDS fiction I’ve read, and I need to remedy that.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not the only one.

LDS fiction is getting better, and there is some really great stuff out there that AML, through its Review Archive, can call attention to.  Please consider helping to get the word out about the stuff that really is worth reading.

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About Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Author of six professionally published short stories; moderator of two online writing workshop forums for Orson Scott Card (The Hatrack River Writers Workshop and the Nauvoo Workshop for LDS Writers); part-time computer genealogist; AML Review Archive editor and AML website flunky; mother of three and grandmother of five, so far (plus slave of a polydactyl, part-lynx-point snowshoe Siamese cat); Salt Lake Temple ordinance worker; lover of reading, knitting, and dark chocolate.
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3 Responses to The AML Review Archive

  1. I have to agree that the AML review archive is one of the great secrets of the Mormon literary community. Thanks for serving as the archivist!

  2. Th. says:


    Nothing really can compete with this archive.

  3. Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury says:

    Just thought I’d mention here that I have added over twenty reviews of LDS books. The reviewer is Tristi Pinkston, and almost all of the reviews first appeared on

    Anyone who would like to see Tristi’s reviews can find them by looking in the Review Index.

    I hope to be adding more reviews by Tristi, as well as reviews by other reviewers. Thanks to Tristi, and to anyone else who has or will give us permission to put their reviews in the AML Review Archive.

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