Three Big Irreantum Announcements

Irreantum has three big annoucements to make, which means this will be a lengthy (but information-packed!) post.  We want to tell you all about:

1.  Our Fall/Winter 2010 issue, which is going to press in a few days and will be mailed out in December.

2.  Irreantum‘s 2011 Literary Contests and our brand new poetry contest in particular.  We begin accepting submissions on Jan. 1.

3.  Our nominations for the 2010 Pushcart Prize.

Read on for more information about each of these exciting developments.

1. Irreantum‘s Fall/Winter 2010 Issue:

Irreantum’s Fall/Winter 2010 issue will be mailed out this December, and it is one of our best issues yet.  It features both a new short story and a groundbreaking essay, “About Serious Mormon Fiction,” by Doug Thayer; an interview with Ally Condie, author of the much-buzzed-about new YA novel Matched; photography by Justin Hackworth; and a literary feast of Irreantum‘s award winning fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

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If you subscribed for one year last fall and received our 2009 double issue, then received our Spring/Summer 2010 issue edited by Jack Harrell this summer, it’s time for you to resubscribe.  If you’re unsure of your subscription status, please email us at

Without your continued support, the one-and-only magazine dedicated to publishing and preserving the very best literature written by, for, and about Mormons will cease to exist.  Subscribing to Irreantum offers you more than an opportunity to enjoy a top-notch literary magazine.  It’s a way to support and promote excellence in Mormon literature.  Please subscribe today!

Fall/Winter 2010 Table of Contents


Ryan Shoemaker: “Bing” (1st place, 2010 Irreantum fiction contest)

Douglas Thayer: “The Locker Room”

Stephen Tuttle: “Maybe the Kids Maybe”

Eric W Jepson: “17 Facts About Angels” (Honorable Mention, 2010 Irreantum fiction contest)

Heather Halcrow: “Abominations” (2nd Place, 2009 Irreantum fiction contest)

Critical Essays

Douglas Thayer: “About Serious Mormon Fiction”

Josh Allen: “Propaganda, Art, and the Desire to Testify”


Scott Cameron: “We Think We Know the World When We Divide”

Warren Hatch: “Sparrows and Boys; Lost Creek; Red Shift”

Melissa Bradford: “Pietà; House for Rent; Bottled Fruit”

Lisa Otteson Fillerup: “The Blue Jacket”

Elizabeth Garcia: “Adjusting; God as Intern”

Creative Nonfiction

Alison Stone Roberg: “Reluctant Saints” (2nd place, 2009 Charlotte and Eugene England Personal Essay Contest)

Stephen Carter: “Blue” (honorable mention, 2009 Charlotte and Eugene England Personal Essay Contest)

Catherine Curtis: “Garden of Dead”(3rd place, 2009 Charlotte and Eugene England Personal Essay Contest)


Angela Hallstrom: “From Deseret to Dystopia: An Interview with Ally Condie”

Book Reviews

Shelah Miner: “The New Mormon Brotherhood: Todd Robert Peterson’s Rift and Jonathan Langford’s No Going Back

Eric Jepson: “Moving Beyond the First Series of The Lonely Polygamist Reviews: Brady Udall’s The Lonely Polygamist

Melanie Swank Nelson: “God Will Pour Out His Spirit Upon All Flesh: Jack Harrell’s A Sense of Order and Other Stories

Emily Milner: “Three Whitney Winners: Seeking the Best Books, Finding Ourselves: David Farland’s In the Company of Angels, Dan Wells’s I Am Not a Serial Killer, and Carol Lynch Williams’s The Chosen One

Photography by Justin Hackworth


2.  Irreantum’s 2011 Literary Contests

The AML and Irreantum magazine are pleased to announce our 2011 literary contests. This year, we are particularly excited to announce a new poetry contest, made possible by a grant from Mary Ann Taylor.  We are equally grateful to the Eugene England Foundation for funding both our personal essay contest and our fiction contest.  The submission window for all three contests extends from January 1, 2011 to May 31, 2011.  Winners will be announced on May 31, 2011.  All unsolicited poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction submitted to Irreantum must be submitted according to contest rules during the submission window and will be considered for an award.  As always, Irreantum‘s literary contests require no entry fee.

Contest Rules and Instructions:

Charlotte and Eugene England Personal Essay Contest:

Unpublished personal essays up to 5000 words.  1st place, $300; 2nd place, $200; 3rd place, $100. This contest is funded by a grant from the Eugene England Foundation.

Irreantum Fiction Contest

Unpublished fiction (short stories or excerpts from novels) up to 8,500 words. 1st place, $300, 2nd place, $200; 3rd place, $100.  This contest is funded by a grant from the Eugene England Foundation.

Irreantum Poetry Contest

Unpublished group of 3-5 poems; 100 line limit per poem.  A series of 3-5 interconnected poems as well as a group of 3-5 independent poems are both acceptable. 1st place, $200; 2nd place, $150; 3rd place, $100. This contest is funded by a grant from Mary Ann Taylor.

Contest Rules:

Individuals may submit a maximum of three entries total to all three contests (e.g. a person may submit one entry in each genre, or a person may submit three entries to the fiction contest).  Winners are not guaranteed publication but agree to give Irreantum first publication rights. Irreantum staff and members of the AML board are not eligible. Because Irreantum is a literary journal dedicated to exploring Mormon culture, entries that relate to the Mormon experience in some way will be given preference in judging.  Authors need not be LDS.

Submission Instructions:

Only electronic submissions will be accepted.  Please email your entry as an MS Word, WordPerfect, or RTF file attachment to the following addresses:

Essay contest:; “2011 Essay Contest” in the e-mail subject line

Fiction contest:; “2011 Fiction Contest” in the subject line

Poetry contest:;  “2011 Poetry Contest” in the subject line

Include your name, the title of your submission (poetry submissions may be identified by the title of the first poem), and your contact information, including address and phone number, in the body of the email.  To facilitate blind judging, no identifying information should appear in the manuscript itself other than the title of the manuscript, which should appear as a header on each page.

Submission Window: January 1, 2011-May 31, 2011.  Winners will be announced on the AML’s website,, on August 31, 2011.  Irreantum’s annual literary contests have no official connection to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


3. Irreantum‘s 2010 Pushcart Prize nominees

Each year, literary magazines like Irreantum may nominate up to six examples of the journal’s most outstanding creative work to be considered for a Puschart Prize.  Irreantum‘s editors are pleased to announce our 2010 Pushcart Prize nominations.

“Bing,” by Ryan Shoemaker (Fall/Winter 2010 issue)

Creative Nonfiction:
“Mornings and Nights,” by Melissa Inouye (Spring/Summer 2010 issue)
“Reluctant Saints,” by Alison Stone Roberg (Fall/Winter 2010 issue)

“At Sacre-Coeur,” by Jim Papworth (Spring/Summer 2010 issue)
“Sparrows and Boys,” by Warren (Scott) Hatch (Fall/Winter 2010 issue)
“God as Intern,” by Elizabeth Garcia (Fall/Winter 2010 issue)

Congratulations to the nominees!

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