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This Week in Mormon Literature, September 30, 2013

I feature the @MormonShorts twitter feed, blog authors wax lyrical about the inner workings of Ender’s Game and the Allred’s recent comic book FF, three new memoirs by women (two of them ex-Mormons), new national novels by Larry Correia, Peggy … Continue reading

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In Tents #33 More on Figurative Language and Interpretation (Who You Callin’ a Moron?)

September, the beginning of school, thirty-seven years since I signed on with the BYU moving crew to move the books into the new library. That was back when the new library was not the addition under the quad between the … Continue reading

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in verse # 33 : a Blake vision

William Blake was perfectly capable of writing rhyming verse; it can and has been set to music.  Here is the text of an anthem known as “Jerusalem,” written by Blake around 1804 and set to music by Sir Hubert Parry … Continue reading

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Interview with David Charles

. I was on BART reading an old interview with Matthew Barney when a guy standing and holding the bar next to me leaned into my space and asked if I liked Barney’s work. I had seen a Barney show at … Continue reading

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Writing Church History

A few weeks ago, I saw someone post a comment on Facebook about “the suits” in the Church History Library and how they tell Mormon history. About the same time, I officially became one of those suits: I now commute … Continue reading

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The First Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake City’s first ComicCon was held on September 5-7, 2013, at the Salt Palace Convention Center.  According to the organizers, over 70,000 people attended on Saturday alone, and I can attest that the place was packed.  As with the … Continue reading

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Digital Drama: The Way to Keep Mormon Theatre Relevant?

I believe that keeping the flame of Mormon drama alive is important. Especially at our still early stage of development as a religion and a culture, we already have a rich heritage of dramatic literature filled with a wide range … Continue reading

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Realishness and Realizing Realism

I write across a fair number of genres. Each form prides itself on telling True Stories that move beyond mere accuracy to expose underlying Reality. Even writers of “realistic” fiction carefully sift the many real and accurate possible details to find the one they perceive as most (contextually) powerful or interesting—leaving an awful lot of realism unrealized in any story.

This is not a rant against the definition of “real” or “true;” rather it’s a personal exploration of the usefulness of varied viewpoints in collision with the conventions of genre and the marketplace. Continue reading

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The Business Side of Writing: What Rights Should You Sell?

Apologies for being a day late this month. I was in Boulder, Colorado yesterday and while it would be very cool to claim that I narrowly escaped the floods, I was in fact driving cross country to rescue the family … Continue reading

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Children’s Lit Corner

We’ve recently had the delightful experience of sharing our home with a young foreign exchange student from Poland. Not only are we eating lots of Polish meals (pirogi, bigos, ciasto z sliwkami, to name a few) but also have the … Continue reading

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