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in verse # 30 : the doors of perception

The first day of war in heaven didn’t go so well for Satan and his crew.  But as they counseled together in their defeat, Satan put forth a plan.  It takes the form of an assertion regarding that Heaven in … Continue reading

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Fifteen Things You Should Know Before You Try to Write Mormon Missionary Fiction

You are not the first person to write a Mormon missionary story. In fact, there’s a good chance that your Mormon missionary story has already been written. You stand a better chance of writing a good Mormon missionary story if … Continue reading

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In Tents #30 Some Tools for Studying Scripture, part II

Shortly after I posted part I, I came across a source that reminded me that the best tools for studying the scriptures are often the the questions we bring to them. I saw a link to Joseph M. Spencer’s An … Continue reading

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I’ve been fascinated by prophets and prophecies since I was a child — and not just the ones in the scriptures, Church history, and General Conference.  I remember reading the Greek myths, and the ones that tended to interest me … Continue reading

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Sex in Young Adult Novels

My current novel draft is realistic contemporary YA fiction, and so I’ve been reading a lot of realistic contemporary YA novels lately. For the most part, I’ve been impressed with what people have recommended to me: I’m finding YA authors … Continue reading

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The Business Side of Writing: Vetting Publishers Online

Let me take a brief moment to introduce myself. I’m Emily Mah Tippetts, a science fiction (as Emily Mah) and romance (as E.M. Tippetts) author who used to practice law. I’ve done a lot of legal work for writers and … Continue reading

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Desperate Prayers: Keeping the Faith as Mormon Artists

“DOUBT NOT, FEAR NOT.” The lure is there. Always. As an artist, writer, scholar, etc. you want to explore, to search, to find uncharted places, and make illuminating insights. Thus the cling of dogma or doctrine can feel like the … Continue reading

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This Week in Mormon Literature, June 8, 2013

The winners of the Mormon Lit Blitz were announced, LDS Publisher revealed her secret identity, a new Orson Scott Card Ender prequel (as Ender’s Game itself hits #1 on the Mass Market Paperback Bestseller list), and okay reviews of the … Continue reading

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The Shibboleths of Mormon Aesthetics

A few weeks ago, The New York Times Magazine published an article about the animation program at BYU, which has been gaining a positive national reputation for both the films it produces and the quality of its graduates. If you … Continue reading

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