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In Tents #29 Some Tools for Studying Scripture

At the After the AML Meeting gathering at Charlotte England’s house last year, Darlene Young asked me one of her simple questions that calls forth serious thought. (Good probing questions are one of Darlene’s talents.) “What’s your favorite translation of … Continue reading

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Reminder: Mormon Writing Class/Retreat Application Deadline

A quick reminder: applications for the Everyday Mormon Writer retreat/writing class, to be held June 27-29 near Heber, Utah, are due by late o’clock tomorrow night (31 May). An agenda and application instructions are available on A Motley Vision. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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Mormons and American Literature Anthologies: An Exercise in Optimism

In the last forty years, the American literary canon has changed dramatically. If you go back to Norton American literature anthologies from the late 1960s and early 1970s, you’ll notice that most of the writers are white men, a dozen … Continue reading

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This Week in Mormon Literature, May 25, 2013

The Mormon Lit Blitz is going on this week. The New York Times produced an in-depth article on the BYU Animation program, its success in placing graduates with Hollywood studios, and the issues of how Mormon values play in the … Continue reading

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in verse # 29 : of the devil’s party

William Blake was Milton’s son.  But it was no easy birth.  In his fine article on Milton’s prosody, John Creaser describes how Milton was able to work so well within the conventions of blank verse.  Creaser begins by summarizing the … Continue reading

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Justifying the Cut: The Plays of Saints on Stage

With the publication of Saints on Stage: An Anthology of Mormon Drama, I’ve been thinking a lot about Mormon drama and how it currently stands as it own niche genre. The whole reason I pitched the idea of the anthology … Continue reading

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The Cranky Curmudgeon: I Got Nothin’

Problem is that there really is a lot of meh out there. Not good, not bad, just…meh. Entropy seems to be working. I don’t believe in negative reviews, so I won’t mention any names (to protect the guilty), but in the end a lot of my recent reading has filled me with a colossal sense of “so what?” Continue reading

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Interview with alternate history author Laura Anderson

Orson Scott Card has delved into the alternate history genre with his Alvin Maker series and Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus. But the former is fantasy (there’s magic in it), and the latter is science fiction (there’s time travel … Continue reading

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Children’s Lit Corner

I love a good guessing game. So for today’s blog entry, I have gathered together some of my favorite children’s books and written their first lines here. See if you can guess which book each quote comes from. 1. “‘Where’s … Continue reading

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This Week in Mormon Literature, May 11, 2013

The LDStorymakers Conference is going on, with the Whitney Awards to be announced at the Gala dinner tonight. I have lots of Whitney book reviews and wrap-ups. Plan-B Theatre’s 2013-14 season will be dedicated to the work of Eric Samuelsen. … Continue reading

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