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Discussion: Your take on the Four Centuries contest stories

James Goldberg’s Four Centuries of Mormon Stories contest was a fantastic opportunity to get a look at twelve excellent visions on Mormon short-short stories told from a wide variety of viewpoints and structures. Each story was posted online, and open … Continue reading

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Conversations and Invitations: My 2013 Vision for the AML Blog

I’ve always liked a good conversation with smart and insightful people. It almost doesn’t matter what the topic is. All the better, though, when we share interests and concerns that are near and dear to my heart — such as … Continue reading

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Mormon LitCrit: From Imitation to Innovation; or, Why Mormon Writers Should Move Out of the Basement

Cultural texts do not exist independent of one another, but in an interdependent relationship we call the tradition. New texts rely on the tradition of older texts, and older texts depend on new texts to keep the tradition vibrant and relevant. … Continue reading

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In Tents # 23 The Ethics and Aesthetics of Jesus and Pilate – Part I

Who has forgotten the outrages of the crucifixion In the tenor of the cloisters of gentle remembrance? —Clinton Larson, “Crucifixion in Judea” Several months ago at Statebird Book I came across a book called Unlocking the New Testament, by Richard … Continue reading

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This Week in Mormon Literature, November 26, 2012

LDS author Chris Stewart was elected to the House of Representatives. He is also working with Glenn Beck to republish his The Great and Terrible last days series into a 10-part ebook series, with all of the Mormon parts taken out. Beloved … Continue reading

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in verse # 23 : mighty line versus ordered speech

It was Kit Marlowe who awakened in Will Shakespeare a hunger for a dramatic speech more nearly reflecting ordinary English speech.  It was Will Shakespeare who made it possible for Kris Kristofferson to write and sing the following lyrics as … Continue reading

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