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Incidentally Mormon Literature

Some literature is Mormon to the bones. This includes — maybe is identical to — literature that is to some important extent about the experience of being Mormon. The story turns out the way it does partly because the main … Continue reading

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Realishness and Realizing Realism

I write across a fair number of genres. Each form prides itself on telling True Stories that move beyond mere accuracy to expose underlying Reality. Even writers of “realistic” fiction carefully sift the many real and accurate possible details to find the one they perceive as most (contextually) powerful or interesting—leaving an awful lot of realism unrealized in any story.

This is not a rant against the definition of “real” or “true;” rather it’s a personal exploration of the usefulness of varied viewpoints in collision with the conventions of genre and the marketplace. Continue reading

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Allowable Exceptions: Struggles with Point of View, Part 2

In our last episode, Jonathan — not content with shrouding his observations in charitable silence (charitable to the readers, I mean) — blathered on about various ways that point of view can be violated. Today, I’m (notice the point of … Continue reading

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Reader Knowledge Versus Character Knowledge: Struggles with Point of View, Part 1

It’s summer, and things are kind of slow on the blog. So in lieu of more interesting fare, I decided I might as well post some recent thoughts from my own writing and reviewing of other people’s writing… One of … Continue reading

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Interview with Larry Correia

I first met Larry Correia at a science fiction convention in 2008, back before he was a New York Times best-selling author. It was even before Baen Books had published his first novel, although I think he had a contract … Continue reading

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Report on the 1st Annual EMW Writers’ Master Class/Retreat

On June 27-29, we held a writing class/retreat a a beautiful cabin just outside Heber, Utah. You can see the agenda here to get a rough sense of what we did (though we shortened some sessions to make more time … Continue reading

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