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Hope, Horror, and Context

Zombie lore is founded on the idea of thoughtless, mindless pseudo-people seeking to steal precious life—to no apparently constructive purpose. The twin terror of insatiable hunger and relentless pursuit by a foe that cannot be reasoned with speaks to an ultimate horror of battle that must be waged, but can never be won. If the battle of ideas can never be won, then I’m perfectly justified in characterizing the opposition as mindless, vapid, or unthinking, and casually dismissing them en masse.

The metaphor isn’t even remotely subtle. Continue reading

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The Horrifying Lack of Horror in the LDS Community

Guest post by Michaelbrent Collings. I am a guy who writes scary stuff. It’s basically all I do. I’m one of the bestselling horror writers on Amazon, a supernatural horror movie I wrote came out last year, and in 2013 … Continue reading

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The Horror, The Horror

I love Halloween. I love scarey things. I love scaring kids. I’ve spent the last several weeks producing lifesize zombies out of pvc pipe and styrofoam wig heads. They are glorious because, with even a slight breeze, they turn and … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Why Editors Have Claws

Guest post by William Morris Editors are evil. They’re monsters: vampires who suck the life out of your manuscripts; werewolves who tear your stories to shreds; zombies with vacant stares who repeat the same vacant phrases (Show don’t tell!) while … Continue reading

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