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Waiting for the Mormon Serial

A couple of weeks back I did something I’m awfully good at: I stuck my foot in my mouth. A friend had posted a link on Facebook to a T-shirt designed by another friend. A black shirt that read in … Continue reading

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Children’s Lit Corner: Christmas Books for Families

While I was growing up, Christmas in our house meant, in part, listening to the next installment of A Christmas Carol every Sunday night. I tried to carry on that tradition in my own family of boys, but there are … Continue reading

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In Tents #47 He is Risen and Other Texts That Don’t Behave as Textual Critics Think They Do Part VIII

Paul H. Dunn once told BYU faculty that during his first Thursday morning meeting in the tenple as a general authority he could understand how the war in heaven got started. This according to a report on the annual August … Continue reading

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Thankful for five

. Last year I wrote about five books that have shaped my sense of what Mormon literature can be. This year I can share five works that have fine-tuned this sense. It’s been a dandy of year. (Although my slapdash image-making … Continue reading

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in verse #39 : the lost leader

I raised the issue in my last post of the political and economic forces driving Romantic poetry, citing Roger Sales, who argues that in the Romantic authors we find apologists for the destruction of English rural life.[i]  Jonathan Langford, in … Continue reading

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“Discourse on Leaves”

. With the apparent demise of Irreantum and my own current thinkings lately on the demise of the Relief Society Magazine, may I present the last smidge of editorial content that latter organ ever published.

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