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YA Corner: Books About Couples

The blush pink roses and white anemones are hanging upside down. No longer intoxicatingly fragrant, yet they retain their perfect form. Tempting packages of Lemon Crinkles, Old Fashioned Molasses Snaps and Dark Chocolate Truffles snuggle side by side — a … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of (Mormon) Gray: A Review of Moriah Jovan’s “Magdalene”

My experience is limited when it comes to romance novels. I remember as a kid always seeing them on the shelves at grocery stores. Their covers were fairly standard: massive pectorals, cleavage, and yards of lush fabric and flowing hair. … Continue reading

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Romance 101: The More Subtle Elements of the Formula

by Moriah Jovan “The only real requirement of a romance novel is a happily ever after (HEA).” Everybody who reads romance knows this. Here’s the dirty little secret: That’s not really true. There are tropes, traits, tableaux, and themes that … Continue reading

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Stuff of Romance: Remedial Romance

by Moriah Jovan Moderator’s Note: This is the first of what I hope will be a series of monthly posts from many perspectives related to romance writing, with particular application to romance as a genre in Mormon literature and/or by … Continue reading

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Stuff of Romance: The New Face of Romance

At first I was going to entitle this blog Why I Like Romance, but as I started considering the subject, I realized that there are many varieties of romance today, some relatively new on the scene, and I only like … Continue reading

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