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On-Stage: Pageantry and Performance Art

My wife and I drove to Ogden on Saturday to be part of the audience for a huge show at Weber State University’s Wildcat Stadium. I had written a song for the event, and had shepherded the song through a … Continue reading

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Storytelling & community: Three Things

I’m thinking of three things. Here’s the first one: I remember a conversation some years ago with Scott Bronson. Having danced around as sort of an art-hobbyist for years, I was contemplating what I described in conversation with Scott as … Continue reading

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Community Voices: Bordeaux and the Last Gunfire

When I was ten, I wanted to publish a book. I knew plenty of adults who had published books, and I fancied myself a writer beyond my years. I had even begun a book: a noir thriller about a cat-and-mouse … Continue reading

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Electronic Age: When we lay art down, what will we pick up?

I’ve got a friend who plays in a band for a living, and because he and his mates travel with lots of expensive gear, he keeps as close an eye as he can on what’s happening on the tarmac as … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: Audiences Don’t Owe us Anything

Spoke last week in a stake fireside in Las Vegas. David Skousen introduced me (he also accompanied the opening hymn for the fireside: a rendition of “The Spirit of God” that would have parted your hair. Also, as he stood … Continue reading

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